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Was just diagnosed last Thursday ...

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I was just diagnosed last Thursday with genital herpes. There was tons of pain and I am still trying many things to help. My symptoms were burning itch, painful urination, swollen lymph nodes in the pelvic area, and flu like symptoms.


I want to track this and manage it as well as possible in order to help myself and others with this painful, incurable virus.

Currently I find sitting on a gel ice pack helps with general pain to an extent, along with my prescribed Naproxen and my own Tylenol added in there. I am also taking Famcyclovir for the virus.


The pain of going to the bathroom has been so horrible that I have been avoiding it at all costs, but have designated myself to urinating in the shower because it causes the least pain.


I found that getting down on all fours in the shower and letting the water run down there as I went was so much easier to stand. There was minimal pain when I did it that way.


After showering, I used my hair dryer on it's lowest, coolest setting to assist in drying off my genitals as this is another tip I heard is helpful in drying out the sores. I only did this very briefly so as to ensure I didn't hurt myself. I've heard from numerous sources that this can be helpful.


I think now it appears the sores are starting to break and hopefully heal over. I read online that is the next step, so I hope they scab over quickly because peeing in the shower is causing a lot of inconvenience.


The pain meds don't really seem to help much unless I take at least two tylenol along side with them. What pain meds do you use and how often do you take them to keep the pain down?


Today seems to be the least amount of pain for me.

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Hello and Welcome!


Here are some links that will give you more things to try to get your OB's under control faster. It doesn't sound like you are trying any Anti-virals? It may be worthwhile to try episodic treatment for awhile if these ideas don't help...






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So sorry to hear of your plight. I had a very intense initial outbreak as well, almost 2 years ago now. I didn't have painful urination, I was simply unable to urinate. Twice I was in the emergency room and catheterized. As someone else suggested, a peri bottle with water is useful for bathroom trips with sores. Then air those things out as much as possible and if you have to put undies, go with 100% cotton. Hang in there!

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