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bumps are driving me crazy

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less than 2 months since diagnosis. seemingly continuous OB. I can understand the bumps in my nether regions, even on my rear end. however ive gotten some bumps on my hamstring recently and a couple bumps on my back. im not sure if they are H or not and its driving me batty. I cant afford to go get everything swabbed, esp with the 48 hr timeframe. I keep hearing H doesn't like being where its not used to but then hear about whitflow and ocular. ive also read about people being ubber careful with bumps and I tend to just slather on the tea tree oil with my finger tip. im 4 days into episodic treatment and really debating going on suppressive for a bit to get a handle on this. im tired of thinking every bump is herpes. the ones that are more exposed are the ones that bother me most. my son likes to ride on dads back in the pool and id hate to stop that because of a damned bump. this stupid virus has already taken so much why the hell does it want more???


does suppressive really knock it back so I would pretty much know any other bumps weren't it? esp ones outside the "normal" areas?

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A little straight talk here friend ... said with love ;)


How many times have you had "bumps" and things already that you realized after were not H? It sounded like you were starting to see that you were over-thinking all these things so I'm a little sad that you are going there again.


I can tell you it would be damned near impossible to auto-innoculate yourself on your back. *Perhaps* you could have in the first month on your hamstrings (but even that would mean that you would have scratched/handled an OB and then scratched that other area, and given how paranoid you were, esp at first with hand washing, I don't think it's possible that you could have autoinnoculated yourself in those other areas, especially the back. You are in Florida, home of Bug Heaven and Killer Mosquitos... is it possible that they would be bug bites? You have horrendous heat. Could it be clogged pores? You just started Episodic Tx ... did they come up after you started? Red Spots on the skin are an uncommon but not unheard of side effect of valcyclover.


this stupid virus has already taken so much why the hell does it want more???


#1 ... The VIRUS has TAKEN nothing. It did what virus's do ... it took advantage of a situation to make sure it ended up in another body. That's ALL it has done. It's just doing what they do to make sure it survives.


#2 ... I keep telling people, getting Herpes just plain puts a magnifying glass on all your insecurities that were already there ... I'm not handsome enough, rich enough, good enough. I'm a failure. I'm unlovable. I'm a F*ck-up. I can't do anything right. Nothing ever goes right for me. etc etc etc.


Right now I would suggest that you try the Suppressive Therapy so that you hopefully get relief. There are NO guarantees it will work - it really does wonders for some, for others it hardly seems to help ... but it seems that those with the really bad OB's are the ones that don't have the hoped-for results of complete suppression so I think that with your OB's you would hopefully get relief. You wont' know until you try. If it works then you will be able to get a breather and start to work on your stuff in #2 ... whatever that is. If you get more red spots then perhaps you can try one of the other versions as it may be whatever the carrier substance is that's irritating your skin and at least you would know it's the meds.


I know it's hard to work on that when you are worried about every lump and bump, so I hope the meds will work for you.... because I really would love to see you start to relax and start to get your life back. Just like taking Anti-depressants when my life felt like it was spiraling out of control helped me to get clarity about my life (I was only on them about 6-12 months ... just long enough to get a breather.), hopefully the meds will help you to be able to BREATHE again.


(((HUGS))) friend .... I really hope we can help you find peace here.... you are too nice of a guy to keep being so upset and unhappy ;)

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yea yea I know dancer. I think if the back bumps were in a different spot they wouldn't have even crossed my mind but they are in the indented area next to the spine one on either side about 5 inches vertically from each other. I was getting it in my mind that the virus came up the wrong nerve from my spine. it is the closeness to my spine that had me worried. as to the hamstring one, technically its in the boxer short area.


my main area of concern with all this is possibly giving it to my kid somehow. the bumps in the undies area don't really concern me too much its the crap outside it. it would be nice to have knowledge that herpes bumps only look like .........


since the doc gave me 30 pills and I hadn't used but 8 as of yesterday I decided today to go to 2 or 3 a day, just took the second. I will call tomorrow about getting a suppressive rx to pick up Monday. I think I need some time to cool off. got my diagnosis, worried, had a kidney stone, worried, got an OB all in less than 2 months ( the stone caused pain for almost 3 weeks, for a man it feels like ive been kicked in my testicles constantly, not a comfortable feeling)


I know you always give advice, no matter how tough, with love. that's one of the reasons I like you. that and the sexy red hair.

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well ive been on the antivirals for almost a week but only at a suppressive level (3x a day) for about 4 days. I need to call to get another rx as this one was for episodic. my Ob was going away with some odd things happening. it looked on Friday as though I was sloughing off skin from my left testicle. white and scaly looking, kind of freaked me out. It has gone away and only 1 bump remains but it seems to have appeared as of sunday. I am also as of today experiencing some odd side discomfort in my left side. between kidney and bladder. not sure if this is related. this bothers me because if I cant do suppressive due to whatever now, how would I do it if I ever get into a relationship? and yes, ive been absent from the forum. weekend with my kid and a weekend without herpes.

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if I cant do suppressive due to whatever now, how would I do it if I ever get into a relationship?


I was in a 3 yr relationship where we didn't use anything (by his choice) and he never got it ... so it IS possible ... and we have had several people on here who have been in relationships with H- people for much longer before we had the meds ... once your body has it under control, it will feel more realistic ;)

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hey, you come home to find your lower buddies with white peeling

porcupine" skin and NOT freak out a little.

seriously, there is a disease that kills goldfish, makes their scales stand on end ( called dropsy), that's what I saw down there. I almost ran out the door and around the block screaming but my lack of pants at the time stopped me.

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