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Vulvodynia and Herpes

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Wondering if anyone out there has had a diagnosis of vulvodynia resulting from genital herpes infection? I have had non-stop genital issues for 9+ months ranging from burning, pain, itchiness, pins and needles of vulva, anus and legs. I feel like I am having non-stop outbreaks with no typical lesions.


I have an infectious disease specialist appt next week and I am impatiently waiting and I am full of anxiety. I really don't know what the outcome will be or what I want it to be. And I know, I need to detach from the outcome, but I can't!


Can any woman relate to this? What has been your experience? Antivirals don't work for me.


Do any of you know the correlation between herpes and vulvodynia? Basically everything on the internet is conflicting and the study of vulvar pain is in its infancy so hard to find any reliable data or info on it.


If you could share a similar experience, it will help.



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Ugh I hear ya .... I haven't been diagnosed with vulvudynia ... But I've been a mess since my last ob in July. After the ob actually healed it left me with a scar and the scar actually still hurts. I feel it everyday . When I'm walking , sitting a certain way etc... This never happened to me b4 I pray that it goes away. I worry about the next outbreak and if it will leave me with this same pain again and I too am full of anxiety. Also, hve been experiencing itching. More of an intermittent internal feeling itching . I feel that since my last ob I've been hypersensitive to ever feeling down there and my anxiety is off the chains . I hope this scar and the tender soreness i feel with it goes away. Let me know how u make out at drs . Hang in there

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Adventurelovelife that is exactly how I feel. How do I know when I am getting an outbreak or prodome or post viral syndrome or vulvodynia. Everything waxes and Wanes and I feel constantly contagious. I also don't get any classic lesions. Good luck to me


It is ridiculous


I am being referred to a vulvodynia specialist. I will post and let you know. Please do the same.


I am petrified to have sex bc I don't know when I am not contagious and I feel I can't protect a potential partner.

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I think it is easy to tell if we are beig hyper aware or not. It depends on the degree or intensity of itchiness or pain. Yes if it's low like 2 out of 10 it's easy to denote hyper aware but let's say it is medium or high like 6 or 7 out of 10. Then can we make ourselves hyper aware at this level? I highly doubt it. I personally think it is a cop out by doctors who have no medical studies to suggest lingering pain from herpes to just say we are being irrational.


I will say however that stress can contribute to things but that's a whole lot different from it beig in your head or hyper aware. Stress can lead to many thigs and illness. However is stress causing these things or are these things causing stress?


All we can do is believe in yourself and if you feel the doctor is not giving you an appropriate explanation to seek another opinion. You know your body best.


A for vulvodynia it definitely is difficult to diagnose and honestly there are some reputable sites thy day it's not from herpes and others that do. I am getting referred to a specialist and I will let you know what he/she says regarding vulvodynia.


Good luck to you ladies. I hope you get answers

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But they also told me there's no way I'm having outbreaks (with no lesions) 24/7


Well, ask them what they know about asymptomatic shedding and prodromes... if they can give you the stats and facts ... if they can't, it's time to get a new Dr. :p


For both you and @whitedaisies


If you want answers from a Herpes Specialist (we can't diagnose here and we can only relate our experiences and understanding of the Herpes virus from a laymans POV) I'd contact the people at Westover Heights ... especially to ask about whether you are likely shedding when you are having the constant sensations:


Dr. Lisa Taulbee at the Westover Heights Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... she can order the test for you through Quest Labs. It costs $5/minute for a consult


I think it is easy to tell if we are being hyper aware or not. It depends on the degree or intensity of itchiness or pain. Yes if it's low like 2 out of 10 it's easy to denote hyper aware but let's say it is medium or high like 6 or 7 out of 10. Then can we make ourselves hyper aware at this level?


Actually, yes, you can ... or at least what would be a 2 or 3 for one person can be imagined to be much higher by another. I see it in my office a lot.


I saw an amazing example of this on a Tattoo show ... for the first half of the tattoo the girl was crying and barely able to stay still. She took a break to go outside. One of the other artists suggested that he spray the solution he uses to clean it off on her, telling her it's a numbing spray. She came back in and he did just that... she sat quietly for the rest of the session ... convinced the area had been numbed ;)


You know what you may want to try (especially if you don't get a definite Vulvodynia diagnosis) .... Hypnotherapy. I've remember meeting a guy who worked with Cancer patients to reduce their pain ... and he was very successful with it .... if you can find someone who works with medical issues you may find that you can get a lot of the symptoms to settle down ... it's certainly worth a try :)



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My symptoms seem to be less the last few days. And actually I feel quite normal down there.


This makes me worry lol, if it can get better does it mean it was prodome or vulvodynia.


Guess I will wait to see what the specialist thinks. I am sure he/she sees this all the time. Likely will have to wait 3 months to see her. This has been exhausting.

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Go see a doctor.


Honestly I know this is stressful but I you are finding men are accepting the risk.....try to make it work.....go to a vulvar specialist, actually antidepressants are Sao to work my dr prescribed me cymbalta....


I so envy you that you are finding partners that you disclose to and you have the opportunity to continue your sexual life


Try to find a way to cope instead of shutting down altogether.



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