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I've already told him I have herpes but....

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So about a month ago Ibroke up with my bf of three and a half years for good. A now I'm in the dating game for reals now. Dated someone that tuned out to be a jerk, but iwas on a dating app for people in my area and Omer this really cute and started talking to him. He opened up after we were talking for a couple days and told me he had 2 kids and that he is in the middle of settling a divorce and trying to et full custody of his kids. Over the course of a couple days igot honest with him and disclosed ihave H. He said that it scares him that he can catch it and that he knows nothing about it but we'll see what happens. So we went on our first date last Thursday he took me to a haunted hayride that we have here in Griffith park and it went so well. We didn't hold hands till almost the end and when he dropped me off he got out of the car to give me a hug and he ended up giving me a kiss and waited for me to go inside to leave. He texted me that night and said he had fun with me and wants to go on another date so we're gonna go out again wenesday or hues day. The probes im having is that if it starts to get serious ihave to have an official talk with him d I've never done it face to face with someone. I'm starting to like this guy and we both really enjoy except hers company and say that we miss each other but I'm afraid he's gonna be scared and run off when we have the talk....iguess I'm. Just full of fear

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well you already disclosed , even its not yet in person. Download the ebook and print it out for him ,that he have all info he need, to let him realize that the risk of infection is quit low. .If he would be that scared , he already would have run off.....I guess probably he liked you in first place and don't mind about H :)Good luck .

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I'm thinking what Judith said. When you have the face to face you really just need to present facts and talk about minimizing risk. If he wasn't open to the idea, I don't think you would have heard from him like you have. The only thing that concerns me about him is that he is in "the middle of getting a divorce", that can mean a LOT of different things to different people. Good luck!

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