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When Stop Taking Medications for First Herpes Outbreak & Opinion on Daily Meds

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I was diagnosed a week ago today. My OB probably started right before that. I thought I had a UTI - they had me pee in a cup, saw bacteria and blood, figured it was a UTI and gave me antibiotics. That was last Wednesday. Then last Friday I went back b/c "something wasn't right" still. So, boom - there ya go. I've been on the meds now for 6 days, 400mg Acyclovir 3 times/day. It's a 10 day script with enough to last another 5 days. I guess I don't know when to really stop taking them. Obviously not before the 10 days, but how do I know it's really gone and I don't need to keep taking for the additional time? I mean, it doesn't hurt like it did. It was so bad that I couldn't even wipe after urinating, I had to pat myself dry. Now, I can just wipe with no problem. But, I think there is still one spot ... hell, IDK!!! Idk if it's in my mind or what! My OB/GYN told me I have it on my right labia and my cervix. When I thought I had a UTI I was checking myself and I didn't see anything on my labia - and I certainly cannot see my cervix. So how do I know for sure it's all clear and I can stop the meds?


I spoke with the doc yesterday - she actually told me I have both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Awesome. I told her I've been reading up on this and asked her if she felt I should take the meds daily to help suppress another OB. Her recommendation was to see how my body handled it. If I have more than 6 OB's/year, then maybe think about a daily medication. I don't want to have 6 OB's a year!!!!!! What are your thoughts on this?

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I am new to having genital herpes too, so I understand your anxiety!!!


As to when you should stop taking the Acyclovir - if at the end of 10 days you no longer have any visible symptoms on your labia, I think you are okay to stop taking that medication. If its hard to see, grab a small makeup mirror and a flashlight. While it is hard to see your cervix yourself, if the other spots have responded to mediation and are gone, I think its pretty safe to assume that the spot on your cervix healed as well.


As for the valtrax, I think the decision should largely be up to you. Are you sexually active? If so, taking valtrax can reduce the chance of you giving it to someone else, so I would certainly get on a suppressive amount.


I understand that you don't want to have 6 OB's a year - no one wants to ever have any! But I think there is some benefit in seeing how your body responds to herpes before deciding to take it every day. You could also ask your doctor to get you a refillable prescription of acyclovir or valtrax to keep on hand incase an outbreak starts - that way you can prevent it from getting bad without having to take valtrax every day.

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OK - thank you for that. She told me she did put in for refills in case I need them. As far as sex that is a negative. My boyfriend is not responding to me so I'm pretty sure that relationship is over. And I feel like I never want to have sex again right now anyway, so ....

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I am so sorry that your boyfriend is being a jerk! I understand he might be scared, but thats no reason not to talk to you! Especially because if he has it, he could have easily given it to you! Regardless of who has it or doesn't, he is being pretty immature. If his way of "dealing" with this is to stop talking to you and not get tested himself, he probably isn't worth dating anyways.


I understand not feeling sexy when you have an outbreak, but don't convince yourself never to have sex again. At least for me, sex with someone I care about can be an incredibly spiritual, emotional, and physically fulfilling experience. Everyone deserves that, regardless of them having herpes or not. It might take a while for you to be comfortable with that, but please don't write that experience off for yourself entirely because one person is being a jerk.

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Well if he has never been tested, there is always the possibility that he had herpes, or any other STD for that matter, before he met you. I personally don't think anyone can lay blame if both partners were honest about not knowing their status before hand.


I would be very sad in frustrated if I was in your position, so I understand. But please try to be positive! Channel your "I'm so over this" into "I'm so over someone who doesn't care about me enough to go to the Dr. or have an honest discussion with me." I have had a lot of anxiety throughout my life over a variety of objects, so I feel like I have a little bit of an upper hand in dealing with my first OB right now. If you want to talk about techniques I use to feel better and reduce my anxiety, let me know. They really do help a lot!

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What he needs to get is life isn't fucking him over (lets just call a think a thing here!). As @willow said on here awhile back


Life sure knows how to make things seem not fair... but in reality, fair is just a skin tone.


He needs to get his big boy panties on and stop the pity party... he doesn't even know if he has it, he OBVIOUSLY likes you a lot or he'd not be scared of what's going on but he doesn't know how to process it all and be there for you. If this is his normal MO, he's probably not a good fit for you anyway honey .... yes, he may need a few days to process things but if he is drowning in his own pity party that he *may* have been exposed, and not supporting you, well, as Dr Phil says


Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior


Sorry he's being a jerk.... hope he shakes out of it soon. Either way, we'll be here for you.


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Thanks hahahaha I totally agree. I told him he's acting like a f'ing child and choosing to be miserable. He had someone who loves him but he pushed me away.


Your partner is there to make life easier to deal with, not create a whole new problem. I haven't even been focusing on me having herpes because I've been all wrapped up in him!! No more!! Hahahaha urg sonofabitch!! Hahahaha

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@ FLnewH cant really comment on your BOYfriend and his attitude. you could tell him there is this really hot older guy waiting for him to screw up so he can swoop in. :)


if your having problems with Obs and dealing at the moment then go on suppressive till things mellow out then you can wean yourself off and see how your body reacts.


@ dancer to hell with nursing it, tear that bottle of wine up!! ( just don't drive nor drunk call the guy)

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