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HSV2 Herpetic Whitlow Disclosure Help

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Hi all. Recently diagnosed (10/25) with HSV2 Herpetic Whitlow (finger/digital herpes). Have gone out a couple off times with a new woman that I absolutely adore (prior to culture result on 10/25). So far we have kissed pretty heavily and I did some heavy petting (NOT with my whitlow hand/finger which is with zero blisters or scabbing currently).


Tonight we plan to meet for drinks once again and I had planned on disclosing my hand/finger situation. I want to put her first and not mess this up. What is the best way to disclose? I have gone over a few options in my head with none really feeling right. Also, do I disclose that it is HSV2 whitlow and localized to my finger or do I disclose I just have HSV2 in general? If you read my first thread my finger had major/severe symptoms with no symptoms else where. In talking to my Dr. he felt the finger was a first time exposure situation and is localized to finger only.


If someone could please help me with my disclosure I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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Since no one has chimed in with response I will provide an update. I met her last night for drinks and just stated I had an awkward situation (thanks WCSDancer2010). I asked her is she ever heard of Herpetic Whitlow. She said no and I explained it was basically finger/digital herpes. Its caused by the herpes virus (HSV1/HSV2). Same one that can cause cold sores, which she admitted she has gotten. I explained it was localized to my left middle finger with no issues *south of the border*. I told her essentially HSV1 and HSV2 are basically the same virus except where they show up. HSV1 above the waist and HSV2 below the waste. I also told her the stat about how HSV1 is now the cause of 50% of all lower herpes infections. She really appreciated me being up front and we continued on with the evening of talking and having a few drinks. Being this was our third meeting it is still unknown if we will continue, but I can only hope. She did seem still interested and was interested in an actual dinner date;-) We shall see.

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Hi Snyperx, seems like you handled it like champ and provided all the necessary details upfront and honestly. Be proud of that. It takes a lot of guts to be so vulnerable with someone so early on, and from what you wrote, it appears that she is still very much open minded to pursuing a relationship with you. Since she has HSV1, she is probably more compassionate with your diagnosis as well. I hope it works out for you and if not, hold your head up high. Your intentions were spot on, that commands a lot of respect. Wishing you lots of happy moments ahead!!

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