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Question about my herpes test results

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Hi All. So, I asked my doctor to send me a copy of my test results. Which, if I may jump on a quick tangent, the chick at the desk gave me such an attitude about it! "Why??? You want a second opinion or something?" "Ummmm no. I'm pretty sure the lab knows how to process a herpes test. I tested positive, I'd like to have a paper copy of MY health records. That ok with you?" Ya, I know that was a bit snotty, but it's been a rough couple of weeks.


So, back to the post :-) I'm going to call my doctor and ask for clarification, but I just wanted to run this by you all. The doc called me and gave me the results over the phone last week and told me that I tested positive for genital HSV1 and HSV2. But now I don't think I have HSV1. Looking at the paper, there are individual sections with info about each test and then a summary section with detected/not detected. Reading this, I don't think I have HSV1 - your opinions please? Again, I'll call the doc, just curious if I'm missing something first.


Herpes I Ab.(IgG) Result: less than .2 Negative

Herpes II Ab. (IgG) Result greater than 8.0 HI Positive

Herpes Simp I/II (IgM) (3) Result 1.99 HI Positive


It says the results were obtained with the Diamedix immunosimplicity Is-HSV1 and 2 IgM EIA Test System.


Then - the Summary Section says:

Herpes simplex virus 1 Result: Not Detected

Herpes simplex virus 2 Result: Detected


My understanding was that the last one I have listed (Simp I/II) is to detect if either are in my system whereas the first two are to differentiate between which one I have. Am I totally off on this?

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Also, I have heard that there is no way to really pinpoint how long I've had this, other than more than the 3-4 months it would take to get a positive result. But, I know that the higher the result, the longer the antibodies have been building up in my body. Is there anyway for me to find out, based on my results, if I've had this more than a year, less than a year, 10 years? ugh just at least a general time-frame?

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U have hsv2 not hsv1. Igm is useless. No one uses it as a reliable test. Focus on Igg results


U have genitsl hsv2. Ur score is high so u have likely had it a while. It's really hard to pinpoint unless u go back to your previous partners and ask them to get tested but honestly who gave what to whom when is not a fun game and generally there are no answers if you have had multiple partners and have had it a while. Try to let that part go. It's a vicious cycle. Focus on adjustment and support etc


How long has it been since your last exposure?


Dancer will chime in.


Good luck and hugs!!!!

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First of all, you had EVERY RIGHT to get your test results (for EXACTLY this reason) and when you call back I would ask to speak specifically to the doctor and tell him about his snotty mouthed receptionist. SMH


Yes - sounds like you only have HSV2. When you are talking to the doctor I would mention that this is why you wanted to see your result and that he might point that out to the receptionist.


And @daisy is right - IMG is useless and to be honest, any Dr who knows his Herpes stuff wouldn't have wasted any of your insurance money on that test :p

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@daisy - I'm sorry I just saw your question. My last exposure? Do you mean my last OB? My first OB (to my knowledge it's my first) seems to have started around a couple weeks ago and it's pretty much gone. I've completed 10 days of the anti-viral, but I'm going to continue to take them until Friday - makes me feel better and my doc said there was no issue taking them a little bit longer.

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