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I have recently been dx. with herpes type 2. In the last 2 months I have had 3 outbreaks. I have been researching all kinds of treatment. Im watching what I eat, trying to stay stress free, and I realize its going to take around 6 months to build up antibodies against the virus to reduce the outbreaks so I'm reluctant to try antivirals at this time because of that reason. I was reading about the trials for Herpes vaccine, and how they are getting some good results. I was wanting other opinions about the vaccine and was inerested in maybe trying to sign up a trial or how i would go about doing it. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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Hello and Welcome!


There's been TONS of discussions on here... I'll put some links below.... regarding trials you need to be near where they are held or able to get to them on a regular basis so that can be a little difficult to get in with.


We try to encourage people here to not get too caught up in waiting for a vaccine to come through. Yes there are some useful sounding trials right now but the soonest we *may* see something is 5-10 yrs. I've had the virus for 35 yrs and they have been promising a cure or a vaccine pretty much since I can remember. So while it's good to week a watchful eye on the latest news, don't stop your life in the meantime. You can have a wonderful, love filled life with herpes ... promise :)







http://www.dovepress.com/efficacy-of-the-anti-vzv-anti-hsv3-vaccine-in-hsv1-and-hsv2-recurrent--peer-reviewed-article-OAJCT Shingles vaccine for HSV?










http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/819306 Pritelivir and the 900x/dose trial



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From beachdude (from the other post from this double post):


Which vaccine are you asking about? There are a multitude in development right now.


Vical, Genocea, Admedus, Sanofi-Pasteur, and Agenus are all developing HSV-2 vaccines right now.


Of these, I have the most hope in Admedus and Sanofi-Pasteur. Both of these vaccines have the potential to be both preventative and therapeutic. Ian Frazier is developing Admedus' HSV 2 vaccine. He is the creator of Gardisil, the groundbreaking and first of its kind HPV vaccine. He has stated explicitly that his goal is a "functional cure." This means that if he is successful, although you will still carry the virus latently, his vaccine will reduce symptoms and possibility of transmission to 0. The Sanofi-Pasteur vaccine is unique in that it is the only vaccine in development that uses the actual herpes virus (albeit a weakened non-replicating version) in its formulation. This means you are generating an immune response to all 97 or 98 of the proteins in the HSV DNA sequence. The premise is similar to the shingles vaccine we already have. Sanofi-Pasteur is a huge company with unlimited resources with a history of putting out quality products. Plus, they have been endorsed and further funded by the NIH.


Here is a link to a post on another forum that summarizes the HSV treatments in development and has info on the trials.



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i have allll my hopes in Dr Ian Frazer... i feel he will be our CURE.. i wish with all my heart.. but NOW like say WSCDancer and Mr H Opp we have to live well with H. and we have to be happy like we ae right now.. im very happy since i discovered this page.. now im not alone.. and i have a lot of important information about H..

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