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After being told during my yearly routine that my test results came back positive for both HSV1 and HSV2 within the last year I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for a follow up to discuss my results. Turns out they did the igM test and not the igG test so they have me going back in in about a week to get the igG done. My question is I know that igM have a habit of being unreliable but if it came out positive than I most likely have at least one strain right? I'm on a roller coaster of emotion, even if it is HSV1 how am I supposed to know whether it's oral or genital, I haven't had any symptoms that I'm aware of in either region, so do I disclose or not? I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I needed to vent to a degree. I guess my main question is if the igM came back positive I most likely have at least one of them correct?

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Its easier said than done, but try and stay calm. If getting herpes has taught me one thing is that its way better to base your decisions and thought process' on facts, so wait for the final results. Are you about to be intimate with someome soon? If not then you dont need to worry about this right now.

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I guess my main question is if the igM came back positive I most likely have at least one of them correct?


Nope nope nope...


IgM isn't reliable ... period.


@SW85 is right. Until you have facts, your worry is wasting your energy and it's pointless.


If it comes back + for H1, I'd ask family if you ever had cold sores ... if you have no answer, that's a tough one ... I'd just wait till you are involved enough to tell your potential partner that you have tested positive for the "cold sore" version of herpes ... and that you assume you have it on the mouth because 80% of people have it there and you haven't had any symptoms. That it's "possible" you have it elsewhere but even so it sheds a lot less there and if they are concerned, you can take antivirals which would take the risk down to less than 1% or so.... which is less than the risk of getting pregnant on BC or with condoms ;)


Every day we do things that are "risky" ... and many of these things carry a FAR higher risk of injury or death than the chance of passing H1 on if you have it genitally. It's all about putting things into perspective, knowing your risks, and knowing how to reduce that risk to an acceptable number for the payout that taking that risk would bring to you ... whether it's love, some kind of risky hobby, or even getting in the car. ;)



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