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Spread to side of leg. happen to anyone ?

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I have had a small looking blister that didn't look anything like spots I had on my penis now I have lil red spot that looked like lil zit head on inner leg.Think it was the way I sleep I seen one pic where guy had on both sides of his inner leg. Is this common or am I just freaking out every lil spot I see now I think it is h so scared of spreading it to my eyes.my lil girl most fear of all if we have to wash are hands and can spread so easy on us? How is she safe from this. Not sure how much more my mind can take.

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Well, yes, it's possible you autoinnoculated your leg .... AND ... you are letting your mind get the better of you again. As I told you before, REGULAR HYGIENE habits are fine ... wash hands after you handle your genitals and you will be fine ;)


AGAIN ... I have 2 H- adult daughters ... I lived in a time when the stigma and the internet were not around to put fear and anxiety into my head about it (acquired in the later 70's) ... I just did the same things I would do as far as hygiene/towels/etc ... never even knew I could pass it to my eyes (and I got oral herpes at age 4 and didn't spread it to my eyes then either).


BTW - Ocular herpes (eye) is most prevalent in children who get oral herpes because they are constantly picking at sores and poking their eyes ... so as an adult, you almost have to try to spread it there because we are more likely to wash hands and be careful around our eyes anyway ;)

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Thanks, that's why I'm so worried about her getting somehow oral and spread to her eyes she is rubbing her face and eyes when she gets tired.i seen on a blog think here where someone got it as a baby when they were being changed. Now wife and I have it she has more of a chance.I'm doing everything. but still feel I'm going to pass it this is the worst feeling on earth thinking your going to give your child something you can't fix. I was very outgoing person full of life I just want that feeling back? For my family

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First - be VERY careful where you are getting your "information" ... there are a lot of sites where people just post crap to get people wired up.


I can't see how in hell a kid would get it while being changed....the ONLY possibility is if the parent had Herpes Whitlow on their hands and didn't keep it covered. There's just plain NO OTHER WAY a baby will get it during a diaper change unless you scratch your crotch with an OB and then IMMEDIATELY handle the childs genitals.... ok????


You really, REALLY have to believe me here that you are allowing your brain to run the show right now. And STAY THE HELL OFF GOOGLE!!!


Now - there's a GOOD chance your child may get HSV1 orally ... and it WON'T be from you!!!! Kids get it from other kids who have it - they share drinks and toys that they have glommed on and don't know what a cold sore is ... and sometimes doting Aunties kiss them with cold sores.... 60% of kids get oral herpes by the time they are young adults .... it's just a fact of life and there isn't a whole lot you can do to stop it from happening.... this is one of the main reasons that 80% of all adults have oral HSV1 ... so if it happens, it doens't mean she got it from you..... and you pretty much can't give it to her genitally ... so PLEASE stop trying to find something to prove to you that you are a threat to your child!!! OK????????


You have to CHOOSE to take your happiness back ... you are allowing your brain to run the show right now. You are allowing your guilt to cloud your world. LET IT GO my friend.... (Hey - start singing that with your kid... it will make for great memories and maybe it will actually get into your head!!!) LOL :)



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Ok, gonna chime in but bear with me as I am on phone. My initial ob was believed to be mono, i had a 103.5 fever for days followed by a 102.5 fever on and off for 2 weeks, i was delirious at times. I had my son during some of that time. I had H a year before i found out so had used nothing more than normal hygiene and as far as i know my son doesnt have it and if, if he did it certainly wouldn't be on his genitals.


So, relax. Follow good hygiene and all will be well.

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Thanks for all your time and advice. I will do my best to try and pull myself up don't think i can go any lower.my mind is def running the show as of now I try and fight it .but not doing so great. It is all things that add up to how I feel thinking back to how I would act before this getting mad over lil shit I would stress over nothing so this has hit me real hard.seeing how great my life is. I have the happiest lil girl don't have to do much to make her smile I just want my joy back that used to bring me.

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Yes, I also had it OB on my inner legs. It was there before I knew I had H. It cleared up with good care and medication. The Dr I saw gave me a cream to prevent irritation and keep the itch from driving me nuts while I worked or was dressed. It was to be used carefully as it can thin the skin due to steroids in it. But I've not had another outbreak since my initial one almost 7 months ago. But Dancer is right. Good hygiene and keeping the stress from making a mountain from a molehill is the best thing. I've learned to let a lot of things go that used to irritate me to death, but now, it's just not worth the stress of worrying. Hope this helps you.

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I don't if anyone saw but the show the doctors did a segment on ocular herpes & kinda helped destigmatie it.. just throwing that out there... my first ob was horrible I itched something fierce I'm surprised I have skin. Anyways I didn't know it was H next I wake up after a sleepless night of tossing scratching. I know that I'm extremely bad for touching my face. So I imagine at some point in that night I touched skin. I always wipe my eyes when I wake up & I don't have herpe eyes... ; ) I have thought I've had it everywhere. It's all in my head. Guess if you think I didn't know I had it there then where else could it be. Don't stress. Don't google herpes in your eye either you will instantly have every sysymptom :) smile it gets better

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