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First thing morning tingles

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Does this last or go away I'm getting tingles in my balls everyday plus my penis feels not right does not look or feel the same.has this happened to anyone else. This is also a big part of why I'm dealing so hard when I wake up in the morning I just don't feel normal and from that my days have been dark for over a month.if I could just feel ok I think I could forget about it?

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As far as nothing looks right. You may want to see a Dr. But as far as Tingles and small itches, you are going to experience that 5 to 10 times a day maybe more, maybe less. Just depends on a few factors. The tingle will probably never go away but they will become less noticed. Dark days will come and go. Just hang in there. You are going to live..

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Great not what I wanted to hear about tingles.as far as look is same feel small like its hiding not cool.just doesn't feel right maybe from nerves.i know I will live and much more worse things in life. Just doesn't seem to be worth it if your not happy and feel your going to bring others down with bad mood 24/7 ?

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Actually, it's not true that it probably wont' go away. As I have said to you before, you are in the early days... your body is trying to build antibodies and that is likely why you are feeling the tingles ... consider it that your body is trying to do it's job. ;)


The first 3-6 months are usually the "worst" ... most people find that things calm down in that time, and most of the rest are back to normal within a year.... PATIENCE GRASSHOPPER!


Look - I know that this isn't something that you wanted. But it's here now. The sooner you accept that, and accept that things may be uncomfortable for awhile, the sooner you will actually start to feel better.


"What you resist, persists" ;)


Try to find things to distract you as much as possible. Put your attention elsewhere. Believe me, it works. Have you ever picked a tick off of a dog, then felt creepy for the rest of the day? Same thing.... the more you think about it, the more you will feel it.


The mind is a powerful thing ... but right now, you are allowing your mind to control YOU ... time for you to take back your power and create a better outlook. You can choose to let your mind run the show, or you can choose to find ways to re-train it to focus on more "positive" things ;)



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Yes it is hard when I'm stuck at home and can't stop thinking. It does help when I do other things but to be stay home dad a deal with this has been the worst thing I have done. I got out some yesterday helped some but back to same this morning. I think of what I'm grateful for "family"then the feeling of I screwed it all up is there to back that up.try and not pick up phone and come on here but feel I'm getting something out ?

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but to be stay home dad a deal with this has been the worst thing I have done.


If this is the worst thing you have ever had to deal with, consider yourself blessed ;)




It's good you are coming on here and getting it all out ... AND ... hopefully our replies will be helping you to put things into perspective :)

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@WCSDancer2010 is right! The more u think about it... the more u feel it, and *sometimes* what you feel is just in ur head.

the end of this month will be a year for me and things have been alot better fot me since i started taking suppressives in june. And when i think i feel an itch or tingle i take 2x 1000mg L-lysine 3x a day for a day or two. And i go for at least a half hr walk , especially on those days. Use these feelings as warning signs that u need to focus on u and ur life. All "h" is trying to do is get u in tune with urself again!

Its hard to not think about it, especially when ur newly diagnosed, or upset with other life issues, but if you try to stay focused on what truly matters, "h" will walk back to dormancy again. Know what i mean?

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