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One sore

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How can you tell the difference between a sore caused by H and a sore caused by, for example, chafing?


I have a single sore that did not start as a blister to my knowledge and is in a spot where I didn't have one with my first OB. No prodromes, just mild itching. Doesn't hurt when I pee, but it's on the side of my labia minora, so I don't know if it's just up high enough to avoid any contact. Anyway, I had been scratching/rubbing a little because I had/have a yeast and BV infection. The itching is much better after taking antibiotics. So basically, I don't know if the sore was caused by my scratching/rubbing or if I coincidentally had a mild OB at the same time. It still has not healed (about a week), so I may take antivirals to speed it up just in case. I just don't want to take them if I don't have to because it doesn't bother me, but I of course want the sore to heal asap no matter the cause.

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I'm a no-drug person but I have found that if I am not sure if I'm having an OB, I wait a day or so to see if it clears on it's own (I'm single, so no hurry to clear it). If it doesn't clear up, I take a double dose of the meds and I rarely have to take more than 2 doses and it's gone ... once your body has control of the virus, the meds can be very useful and you don't have to take a lot. A bottle of 30 pills can last me at least a year if not two or more nowadays ;)


Along with that I attack it on the outside with either Alum or Bactine (just trying bactine recently... still seeing how it goes) and keep it well aired and dry

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If it were me, I'd dab a bit of abreva on it. :) I personally don't take my antivirals unless my outbreak is bad (more than 2-3 sores) as I react negatively to them. (exhaustion and hair loss yay) I also find that taking a warm sitz bath with saline water (salt water) helps. If you're concerned that it may be yeast or BV - treat with anti-fungals, monistat or canesten.


Feel better soon! <3


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I had the exact same situation. I saw a sore develop close by my vaginal opening and I figured maybe the skin tore as a result of friction, but it dawned on me I've never had sores down there ever in my life, so that was a red flag. I tried using witch hazel thinking it would help and it just made things worse. There really wasn't much I could use to help with the sore it just wouldn't heal as fast as I wanted and it wasn't until I started antivirals that the sore finally healed. Thats when I knew it was due to H.

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