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Red sensitive skin after sore is gone?

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Where I had my ob right on my penis head is looks reddish and kinda sore.seems to almost cover the top when I look on the side of skin looks normal almost like I rubbed lil raw but have done nothing to do that?really to me feels like another one wants to just bust out but isn't. That's why it is sensitive and red?has anyone had same experience?Got another scrip filled. How many people have hair fall out from to much antiviral? Also is this why I'm not hanging normal do any guys that read this have same problem. I couldn't see any of my pains hanging around when there are u guys that say u can live happy normal life. Not happy or normal as of now? it did help to work today till I had to try and pee. still not flowing normal plus the size and redness was really getting to me. Want my life back? If it was just a spot I could deal with it. mine has been much more! Thanks for all the feedback.

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My hair falls out when I take antivirals but I take them regardless when I need them.. I wouldn't do well on suppressive therapy mind you. If the skin is red and sore, there's a good possibility that you may have another sore about to surface. I recommend taking valtrex/acyclovir even with the hair thinning, you hair will come back as soon as you stop taking the meds and the meds will drastically reduce the length of your OB. Wear loose clothing and use abreva or something like it to reduce your external symptoms.


@WCSDancer2010 linked me a fantastic list of herpes treatments in my latest post.


Is this your first OB? They say the first outbreak is the worst.. From my personal experience, it's definitely true. You can definitely live a normal life.. becoming down is far too easy to do when you have herpes and even easier due to the stigma that surrounds it. I'm personally extremely grateful for this forum, I've only been here for 1 day and already see a drastic change in my outlook on life with herpes.


Take care of yourself!

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Well, if you get a scab elsewhere, the skin will usually be red and more sensitive for awhile ... it's scar tissue and it just needs time to get back to normal ...the same thing happens on the penis ..and the skin is already thinner there. Once again, you need to have PATIENCE with the process in these first few months .... it takes time for your body to gain control of the virus and scabs take time to heal. If you are still swollen inside it's very possible you have a yeast infection or a UTI and you should get checked out for that.


HSV1 *USUALLY* has fewer OB's than HSV2 ... BUT ... as I have said many times, herpes doesn't follow any "rules" ... some people really struggle with HSV1 genitally and some people never ever have an OB ... the "average" is a reflection of all of that. How YOUR body responds will depend on your immune system/health, your mental health (ie, los stress), diet, and maybe genetics, as well as whether you attack the OB's as soon as they come with those external treatments/ L Lysine that I have mentioned on your former posts.

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Way back in the early days, been at this nearly 28 years now, I had a small red spot on my penis about an inch or so below the head. Had a number of outbreaks there. It was never painfull outside the outbreaks, but was always noticeable. Over time it faded away. There is no scar. It may take some time but things will settle down.

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I hope so soon this has been real pain. From not being able to pee and all other problems it has caused I don't hear to many people saying they are in as much pain as me? I have herd a few say fever and sick feeling I'm past that now just feeling constant irritation like what a uti would feel like? Never had one so not sure how they feel or how I would of got one? If I couldn't feel anything I think I could forget about it. I hope some relief is coming soon. Guess I'm going to start 2nd scrip of antiviral now. Don't want to but what choice do I have?

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Again... you should probably go see the Dr an make sure you don't have a UTI or yeast infection.... When your body is fighting the initial OB, other opportunistic fungi and bacteria often get in there too ... so please get that swelling checked out.


So - now ... a little of my patented "Tough Love" ... nothing personal, but you REALLY need to get this:


You have only been dealing with this a few weeks. Honest, this is FAR from the worst thing that can/will likely ever happen to you. Yes, it sucks at times. Yes, it hurts (and plenty of people on here have been in plenty of pain...and plenty have discussed it on here). Yes, it blows that you may have to fore-go sex for awhile. But in the grand scheme of things, you will live about 4000 weeks and this will be a blip in your time-line in the long haul.


You have PLENTY of choice. regarding the meds, you can choose the anti-virals or not ... depending on your ability to deal with the pain/discomfort and your body's ability to get the virus under control.


You also have a choice about how you deal with this. Right now you seem to be choosing to see this as the worst thing ever. I've tried to help you to see that things can be FAR worse (with the "I'd rather have Cancer" post). I've tried to help you to understand that your baby is safe as long as you use common sense precautions. I've shared my life experience with relationships and family and how it really doesn't have to affect you that much in the long run. Many people on here have given you a lot of great advice and support. They have been where you are and they want you to see that it WILL get better.


But you need PATIENCE grasshopper! Your body just needs time to get things under control. Odds are within 3-6 months you will be mostly "normal" with possibly a few OB's here and there (which are usually shorter and more easily controlled). So say, at the outside, if it takes 6 months, that will be 24 weeks out of the 4,000 you can potentially live. A drop in the bucket. A nuisance wake-up call in the grand scheme of life.


Have you/your wife actually tried any of the things in the posts I gave you (Treatments/etc). Are you taking L-Lysine? Trying Epsom Salts? Or Hydrogen Peroxide? Or Bactine? Or Alum? Are you wearing loose clothes when possible? Keeping it as dry as possible? There's soooo much you can do to try to be proactive in all this. (go back an read those posts) When you attack the virus from both the inside (anti-virals/L-Lysine/avoiding trigger foods) and the outside (the above suggestions) you can usually control it a lot faster. And when you do that, you feel empowered that you CAN control this.


No matter what happens to you in life, you have a CHOICE about how you deal with it. Maybe this is the message that Herpes is trying to bring to you. Perhaps these links will help you. I truly believe that you have a great chance here to become empowered to be a better, stronger person both for yourself and for your family.... to take what you can learn here (It's about soooo much more that Herpes!) and create a life beyond anything you can imagine.


Life takes you at what you focus on. So you can focus on the bad (you have Herpes, it hurts, you can't have sex, it sucks) or you can look for the good, and become proactive in making creating a positive experience from all this. My wish for you this Holiday season is that you will find a way to CREATE the best Christmas (or Holiday of your choice) with your family EVER .... that you find a way to focus on that ... and I'm willing to bet that in a couple weeks, your posts will have a very different focus ;)




I hope that somewhere, something in these links will help you to see what I am trying to say ... ;)













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Yeah sorry start writing to fast! Yes I have been taking salt bath but not able to this week at in laws only have a shower.have not tried the L-lysine do you take that daily pill form? Ok to take with antiviral?This morning I shaved and looks like somehow I have passed it to my mouth? Think it was "seeker" no I didn't no my wife had cold sores as a kid H1.Her, me or anyone I know had any idea you could pass by oral! Still thinking I have given to her by my actions and being around her loving family that took to me like there own is killing me. Now if I have on my mouth it will be much more easy to pass to lil girl. She is grabbing at my face all the time.Cant kiss my own daughter,I have washed my hand all the time there dried out .Thanks for all your words I am taking everything in just being overwhelmed by it all at one time!

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L-lysine is usually in pill form - just take it sometime during the day.. and yes ok with anti-virals.


And odds are you don't have it on your mouth and AGAIN even if you do, it just takes COMMON SENSE to not pass it to her... no kissing with an OB and don't share drinks with her. "Daddy kisses" with kids are usually little pecks on the mouth or cheek ... generally not enough contact to pass it on and AGAIN odds are FAR higher she will get it from another kid in kindergarden or whatever..... so YES YOU CAN KISS YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!


PLEASE go back and re-read this until you get it ... NORMAL hygiene and common sense is enough to keep your child safe.... OK????


And please - get some counseling because you need to work through your guilt ... or it WILL destroy you and your family ....



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PS: Did you look at ANY of the links I gave you?


Sorry but I'm trying to help you here ... and I just seem to see the same stuff every day from you and I wonder if you are actually taking anything I'm posting to heart or looking at the links (which have helped so many on here).


If you want to save your marriage AND your sanity, *please* get it in your head that your fears and guilt will be far more damaging in the long run that Herpes ever will be and you need to deal with THAT .... and while we can help you to understand how to live with herpes on here, you have to be willing to take what we say to heart.


Your daughter will be FINE as far as herpes is concerned .... she'll be far worse affected by her guilt-ridden daddy because THAT will eventually start to affect her ... so please ... get help for that, ok?

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Ok. Im slightly confused. You have H1 genitally? Your wife has it orally? But you think you got it from a handjob? As every scientist and detective say " the simplest answer is usually the right one. Oral H1 is damned near ubiquitous in the human population and is considered little more than an inconvenience. As to your wee one, kiss her on the head where hair is, problem solved and you still get to show affection. Personally i never kissed my kid on the mouth, always the cheek or head.


And remember, if it were that easy to spread everyone would have it


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Thanks,yes I have looked at some just not really sunk in that all will be ok.my sore on penis is gone just looks lil red.so I'm just hoping it doesn't break out.i have to wear cotton boxers can't go with out my head is still to sensitive.i can pee just not with normal power and flow very scary. This is not a long term effect on anyone is it? As mine has lasted awhile can't go to doc for week?

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It would be better to get to a Dr sooner than later because if it's a UTI you REALLY don't want it to get worse... believe me! If necessary to to the ER ... or a walk in clinic.... you have *some* kind of inflammation and I wouldn't personally mess with it...


One thing you can try in the meantime is Cranberry juice (not cocktail .. get the real stuff) or cranberry tablets ... sometimes they help with bladder irritation :/

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Ok same as before.sore is gone just red and tender right on my penis head. The thing that is freaking me out now is every time I pee it looks like it comes up to surface making a pretty good size red spot? Other off color spots also.it's like it just hanging out moving all around trying to bust out but it's not.i am able to pee but do feel a constant irritation in my UT could it just be part blocked? Can't pin point it but feel it's the h that has track all messed up ? I mean what about all the other people only able to pee in bath or the pain in UT how long does that last for them? It all seems to stem from that area out. If I could get this pain away and my wife cleared up think I can put this in the back of my mind.But not with a constant reminder make one go insane!

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.it's like it just hanging out moving all around trying to bust out but it's not.i am able to pee but do feel a constant irritation in my UT could it just be part blocked? Can't pin point it but feel it's the h that has track all messed up ?




And a great side effect may be that if it's a UTI/yeast infection and you get it properly addressed, the pain may go then you can start to work on your future!!! Why do you insist on asking us the same questions over and over? We keep giving you the same answers... which is, GO TO A DOCTOR!


The Epsom Salts may sting for awhile because the salts are doing their job ... which is killing any virus and/or bacteria that is causing the sores/lesions!


Green discharge needs to be looked at by a Dr but if she has Herpes it may be from that ... but AGAIN ... she needs to be looked at by a doctor too....


You want to have sex? GET TO A DOCTOR and get a proper diagnosis for both your issues and take the medication they prescribe!!! continuing to come on here with the same complaints every day isn't going to suddenly heal you ... I really don't know what else to tell you....



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