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I wondered how many of you have used an antiviral as a prophylactic treatment to suppress the hsv virus. I have had hsv for over two years, and tried to use acyclovir soon after being diagnosed. It caused so many side effects, that I felt better not using it at all. I just dealt with my ob's as they came.


I wonder about the effects of using these antivirals over the long term, and I can't seem to find much info online.


I currently have famvir 500 mg tabs, and take one per day as a suppressant therapy. I have been taking them for the past three weeks, and all the shooting pains in my legs have gone away. The hypersensitive skin has gone away. The sciatic type aches have gone away. They are helping me with all the prodrome stuff that I had going on.


I don't take any other meds, and am even hesitant to use tylenol, or otc drugs. Taking the antiviral every day is making me want to know more about the effectiveness over the long term. About whether they cause any permanent damage or difficulty in the body's natural abilities to fight off the virus. I guess it would make me feel more at ease to hear about other people's experiences with using the antivirals as a daily suppressant.


Thank you for chiming in on this one!

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My *understanding* is that unless you already have kidney or liver issues, that anti-virals are not too hard on the body ... they don't "activate" unless they come in contact with the virus ... they are just eventually excreted. Again, this is what I have come across .... some people seem to have side effects though .. especially when they first take them, but I wonder if there is some kind of interaction with something else going on.


I have taken them for about 3 yrs as suppressive when with one BF and never had any issues with it. If you are not in a relationship then what you may want to do would be to see if you can eventually cut back to every other day (I'd give it a month or two) ... if that works, cut back to every 3 days or cut the pill in half ... until you either find your threshold or you are off the meds....


If you are in a relationship then it all depends on what choice you and your partner make together about whether you go on the meds and/or stay on them ...



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I agree with WCSDancer2010 about eventually cuttung off meds, I think that's always the best. However, if you don't find that successful, there are also natural antiviral remedies which are very safe to use, and are based only on natural ingredients. They are very efective too! I write about few of them in my blog if you are interestd.

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Everyone is different when it comes to herpes. Acyclovir worked like a champ for me. The one time I was prescribed famvir I was not impressed. My outbreak seemed to have cleared up in the same amount of time as when I didn't take anything. Acyclovir always stopped it in its tracks. I never had any side effects other than an upset stomach, and that was only once. Could easily been something I ate. Never tried Valtrex so I can't speak to that. I've not used antivirals in over 17years now. Talk it over with your doctor perhaps you can switch up to another antiviral, can't hurt to try.

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Well I am seeing success using the famvir daily. All those weird shooting pains and aches and hypersensitive skin are gone. Which is AWESOME! My only thoughts are about the effects of taking them long term. I know many people have used acyclovir for years upon years, without any ill effects.


However, the acyclovir made me feel dizzy, off balance, and nauseous. It just didn't work for me because I felt so bad when I was taking it. The famvir does not cause any side effects, so it's good.


I think what I may do is talk with my doc about prescribing me the 250 mg. pills instead of the 500 mg. Then I can try to backing off of them as someone suggested. Maybe going to one every other day, etc. Finding that threshold.


Has anyone had issues with having ob's even when on antivirals? I think I read some posts on the site from people who were still experiencing issues even while taking the antivirals.


Thanks for your input!!!!

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LiveNLearn, that is great that you found something that works!

I'm taking acyclovir daily, still having issues, still intense itching… all day, nearly every day… hypersensitive skin, etc…

I know that acyclovir gave you bad side effects, but other than that, was it helping with your nerve pain and hypersensitive skin? If not, if famvir is the only thing that helped you with that, then I want to try this Famvir stuff ASAP!

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Hi @livenlearn, I have hsv2 and prescribed 500mg valtex/day in Aug 2013 (have had H for 25 yrs). The 1st year on the meds I had 8 ob's, which for me was a drastic improvement. I can say 2 were from nerves disclosing, too much sugar for another and surgery for another. I am not in a relationship and thinking of weaning off too. I want to see how bad/frequent I will got ob's and if I should go back. At 48, my hormones are kinda weird and I believe that's what's caused my more frequent ob's than when I was young. I haven't noticed any side affects after being on this long. The 1st week on I was VERY tired but that went away as my body adjusted. Good luck

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@In_The_Same_Boat - The acyclovir didn't help me. It did not help my symptoms. It just made me feel ill the whole time I was taking it. For me, the famvir is worlds better, and relieves those symptoms, I'd say 90%.


Another thing I started today, which may totally be a fluke or a coincidence, is a 1000 mcg liquid supplement of vit B12 with folic acid. I read that vit b12 can help nerve pain. So, today, I tried it, and the one spot on my right thigh that was tingling has stopped.


I also read a great deal about vit D, and it's relation to some of the symptoms I felt were hsv related. I am always severely deficient in vit D when they do bloodwork, and haven't taken my supplements for a couple months. I am back on those today, too. I get the microlingual vit D supplement in 5000 mg.


So, again, a coincidence or actually helping, I can't say for sure. But, it can't hurt to try adding these supplements to your daily routine. I paid about $10 for each of these, and got them at whole foods to assure their quality.


@dreamingofsomeone167 I was first diagnosed with hsv when I was 42. I agree with you that hormone levels could have something to do with frequency of ob's. I have had this virus for over 2 years, and man, it has kicked my butt. And, I am so careful about what I eat, etc. I eat organic foods, hardly any dairy at all, very little nuts/chocolate. I do yoga. And, I have had so much blood work done it's not even funny. I have a great doctor who appeases my Google searches, and does blood work on me to calm my fears. The only thing that has come back in any of my blood work is my vit D deficiency, which I am finding can actually cause havoc. It just blows my mind how much is not known about this virus, and how they have not managed to find a cure for it. Or even something that alleviates the side effects and symptoms.

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