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I finally got to tell my giver !

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Hey everyone,


I just got done telling my giver(which is what I will call him) that I he gave me the H. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I contracted HSV-2 from my ex last month and have been trying to reach him since December 26th to tell him. Today, after a positive follow up with my gyno regarding my first outbreak, I got up the courage to give him an ultimatum: see me in person by Wednesday or lose my number. and what do you know? he showed up. I was in no way going to give him this life-changing news via text or phone call and getting him to my house has been a task. Of course that made me think, he knew what was up. Turns out he thought I was going to tell him I was pregnant and had prepped himself for that talk.


Anyway, onto the juicy bits. I started out on a light note; I gave him his Christmas gift, something I bought back when I thought I just had a sore hooha from a good time. Then I just said it. Heart racing, head pounding, palms sweating, and a serious frog stuck in my throat. But I did it. I honestly expected him to be screaming, cursing, and calling me every name in the book. But he didn't. He said he was at a loss for words and I couldn't blame him. He told me he loved me and supported me. I accepted that. I don't plan on hearing from him after today, after he lets it sink in. I'm jus glad I was able to influence and inform. In fact thanks to my own research and you guys I was even able to squash some myths he had about the H. I love him and I don't blame him. I went in that night with sex in the back of my mind as a part of the package deal. I enjoyed it...a lot. Just not the after math and the outbreak! I feel very much at piece and for that I am thankful.

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The longer you wait the harder it will be to tell... at this point if his results are below .9 he's either negative or hasn't built the antibodies and if he's not a lot over odds are he just got it. No use getting the IgM as it's notoriously unreliable... but the IgG would give you some clarity. And if he's a higher number like you are, well, then he can't blame you either as neither would know who gave it to who... tho as I said elsewhere, given your time frame between sex and OB, odds are HE gave it to you ...

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