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ouch. possible outbreak

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Hey everyone:) Hope everyone here enjoyed the holidays. I kept super busy with family and cleaning and babysitting and dealing with my ex and yadeeda...it has been a long few weeks. I distributed my pamphlets and I am working on more. I expected more of a positive vibe ( I have no idea why...lol) but every facillity I distributed them to looked at me like ughhh this chic has herpes? Most people looked puzzled and shocked. But HOPEFULLY they can learn something that can prevent or help them in some way.:) That was my Christmas gift to everyone. Herpes Awareness!

But now the sad part starting off my New Year...I think I am having an outbreak. I had a bump then I checked it out and realized I had three bumps and honestly I thought maybe its an ingrown hair bc I wax and trim and shave..or whatever I keep it clean and neat but then they looked too big and were actually making "my flower" feel swollen. Everyone was completely sick during the holidays my niece was also taking accyclovir for an infection she had sooooO I may have caugt something and this crappy cold weather doesn't help with my allergies. I have been eating perfectly but I am scared bc of the baby. I have an appt. On the 16th should I make it sooner? I want to see if this is an outbreak...but I dont want to wait to find out. I think it is and it sucks. How can you treat this while being pregnant?

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First... good for you for passing out the pamphlets ... and don't worry about their reaction..... for one, it *may* be that you just misinterpreted an overworked staff member who was just given one more thing to do ... or they may just plain be ignorant. I personally will be giving a talk to the OBGYN group in my building (who are more progressive than most) to help them to understand the virus from a more practical and "human" POV because of all the horrid experiences I am hearing about on here ... if it works with them, I'll take it to other offices and hope they will let me talk to their groups. You may want to consider doing that at some point ... if you want to do it I'll give you my script/notes once I've done it and edited them according to the reaction I get ;)


As for the pregnancy... an OB won't hurt the baby right now. But you may want to check in with the Dr... they may put you on the antivirals ... which are ok during the latter part of pregnancy. And are you doing the epsom salts baths and other things in our help links?


And if your niece is taking acyclovir it's for some kind of herpes related issue .... so whatever it was (unless it's shingles) she couldn't pass that to you ... and if she had shingles she wouldn't be allowed near you until it was under control .... odds are she has HSV as well..


I saw your note about your hand ... if you go to the Dr, you may want to see if they can swab the area ... if you can't, just make sure to wear band-aids if you have any irritation on the hands in case you have H Whitlow ... or use disposable medical gloves, especially when changing diapers. Otherwise you should be fine ... again, it just takes a few minor safety measures to keep the baby safe :)



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