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Constant herpes outbreaks freaking me out :(

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I have told my fear of transmission before but I am sure something is going on pyshically. I am getting constant mild outbreaks and flu like syptoms . I am scarred that i might have hiv. After I contracted herpes, I tested hiv after 2 months and 4 months with elisa. It was neg. And I am in a monogamous relationship for more than 2 years now. I am sure he is loyal to me. I know its an odd situation but this constant breakouts, prodromes lead me to something more serious. I am going to get tested on monday again but i cant sleep, cant eat :( i hope its nothing

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BREATHE honey!


Odds are very, very, VERY low that it's HIV ... and MUCH higher that you are stressing so much that it's not helping. When you go to the Dr ask about anti-virals...


And what are you doing to help your body to control it? Diet? Nutritional Supplements? Strss reduction? External Tx like going commando and epsom salts baths??


*Some* people have low-grade prodromes/OB's for quite awhile after their first OB ... some people's bodies just need a bit more time to control the virus......and stressing will just prolong how long it takes because Herpes LOVES a stress-party :(


I can't remember your exact situation about how you got it but at 4+ months, whatever you got should have come up on a test by now. So after you get your test on Monday, no need to believe the results. The best thing you can do is start trying some of the things we've suggested on here to help you to help your body to gain control of the virus... I'll re-post them below for you....


And know that over time things WILL get better... sometimes it just takes a bit more patience than others ;)










Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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What kind of help are you looking for?


And how exactly were you diagnosed? Without antibodies, you can't take a visual diagnosis as a definite result. A visual diagnosis is not considered a definitive diagnosis.


I already gave you a number of suggestions on the post you put up here for things you can do to control the OB's and the link to Westover Heights Clinic...





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Hey sweety i diagnosed over 2.5years ago. first year was just 1 ob but now its on constant route. I am on daily valtrex to reduce transmission rate. Also I am using vit C plus lysine time to time. I tried to eat clean no smoking , occasionally drink 1-2 beer. I always do exercise or plates but its suddenly get constant :( My doc check hormones, blood etc.. But it lead me HIV :( I will post after I heard my test result

Thanks for the listening honey.

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Ok - I just went back and read your first post so I could remember your situation ( I deal with hundreds of people on here so I lose track of each person's story).


So you are with a new BF ... and having sex with or without a condom? The issue may be that you are either allergic to the condoms you are using Or your BF's semen ... both are very common. You said you were OB free for quite awhile ... so if the OB's started after you were with this guy, then I'd say it's something to do with the condoms, his semen, or that the sex is just irritating the area.


How's about trying to take an Epsom Salts bath right after sex and REALLY clean (including up inside) the area ... see if that helps .... if that does the trick (or at least lessens the symptoms) then you will know it's one of those things ... then you can work to figure out what the cause is....


I don't know what to do about your antibodies ... hate to say it but likely the test they are using there in Turkey is not one of the more accurate ones..... because you really should have plenty of them in your system by now :(



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I was with my bf when i diagnosed actually. My ex had it after we brokeup I tested and it was neg. When i met my current bf I thought I havent had anything. After 4 months i started sypmtoms and full outbreak :( my bf tested for all and it was neg. We are using condoms almost for 2 years. Same brand also. I dont know why am I getting so frequent. I ordered westernblot for too sure again since my doc says just pos. For herpes. He didnt tell me which type. I am assuming that its hsv2 because of the frequency of obs. I am getting mild ones but constant.

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I would guess that the sex is causing the OB's then .. it's not uncommon ... especially for the newly diagnosed .... and you *may* be having issues from the condom. I really would start looking at things like that ...try changing to a non-latex condom and wash well/do epsom salts after sex and see if that helps.


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Not surprised but glad that the test is negative so you can relax around that and work on how to deal with your symptoms.


Again... start to experiment with different (non-latex) condoms, washing well after sex (including inside) and Epsom Salts baths .... also, if your condoms have a spermicide in them, try one without it. Look for anything that is coming in contact with your genitals that may be causing a reaction... lubes, toys, lotions ... my guess is that there's something that is aggravating the area that is non-H related.


Beyond coming to the USA for the Western Blot, I don't think we can help you to find a test that would find the antibodies ... the problem with the standard tests are they only look for ONE protein in the antibodies... and some people don't seem to have many of that one... Western Blot looks for FOURTEEN proteins. And the Westover Heights people are some of the best in the Herpes field of medicine. Sounds like the test you have been given isn't finding that one protein....


So all you can do is work to find ways to help your body to keep the symptoms at bay, and the first thing is to find out what may be either triggering the Herpes or just plain causing an allergic reaction. Certainly the things I have suggested above are very common issues... so it's worth looking at that so see if it helps

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Lol I was the same way, panicking about HIV, so much that my Dr sat me down and said "based off of your tests, from the day you were born, up until this present date, you have NOT been exposed in any way, shape, or form to HIV". This was after 6 months of multiple testing. I am a serious worry wart.


If it makes you feel better, my boyfriend is in the same boat as you. If he stops taking Valtrex he has recurrent outbreaks back to back like clockwork.

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