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Constant herpes prodrome symptoms

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I was just diagnosed with hsv2. I have no idea how as ive been married for 16 years. Anyways, i guess how doesnt matter now as i have it. I had two little blisters that have been healed for about a week now. However, im feeling a constant tingle down there that never really goes away. How long does this last? Does it mean i am contagious right now?


For many years i have gotten what I thought were yeast infections. I thought this was yeast as well that wouldnt go away. The dr swabbed and i was positive for hsv2. Im shocked and worried. Still havent told my husband. Im worried he will think ive been cheating as we have been having marital issues. I dont think he has cheated, but i guess it is possible.

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Herpes could be hidden in your body for years. Maybe, you received before your marriage or your husband has it, didnt know he had it. He could be asypmtomatic. If you are sure about cheating then you should tell him right away. If you hide it from him he could of thing about cheating. That constant prodrome was happening to me in my first year though. I am gettn constant breakouts without prodromes just a little itch!

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@Pollyanna1 is right - you could have had the virus for all this time and not known it ... for one, 80% of people never know they have the virus ...so you (or your hubby) could have carried it all this time and not known. I have a client who had it for 30 yrs (married that long) before her first OB.


Sounds like you are having prodromes - the tingling is normal and varies from one person to another ... with luck it should settle down within a few weeks.


Your best bet is to get your hubby to go to the Dr with you so they can explain to him how this virus work ... that it can hide all this time without a sign and unfortunately even if you were both STD tested when you met, that the H test is not included on the test even if you ask for a "full STD panel".


Yes, you *might* be shedding. It's hard to tell because you don't know if you just got it from your hubby (if he was a silent carrier) or not unless you both get a blood test ... if one is H+ and the other isn't then that tells you who the carrier is... if you are both H+ one of you got it from the other over 4 months ago. The biggest thing is to not go straight to accusations of cheating AND know that this may be his first thought ... so be ready with info that can back you up and just try to get him to agree to talk to a Dr with you so he gets a professional who can help him understand how this works. Or show him this site and have us explain things to him :)


Were here to help you through this... I know it's confusing because this virus doesn't play by nice rules (it hides very well) and our CDC policies actually help the virus to achieve it's goal of getting new carriers :(


Here's some links to get you started so you can get better educated... and print out the handouts for when you talk to your hubby







Handouts + disclosure e-book:




Herpes facts video


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Ah.... yeah ... that might give him reason to think you cheated ... so you really need to have some information with you to show him ... you may want to talk to your Dr ahead of time and make sure they are up to date on the facts of how H can stay hidden for years so you know that the Dr will help your hubby to understand that this is something that you have carried silently for years.



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There's no "rigt" answer to that ... when your body is first fighting the virus it sometimes takes a few OB's to settle down ... or you may just have some lymphatic swelling for awhile. Herpes varies from one person to another quite a bit, so it's hard to say what your body will do. What are you taking/doing to support your body in fighting it?

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Some people use Oil of Oregano ... I use Alum and Bactine ... I'll post a bunch of links with conversations of things people have used to help their body out ... the more proactive you are in helping your body to maintain a balance that doesn't work for the virus, the more empowered you will feel and the easier this gets.


One of the most frequently used supplements is L-Lysine ... 1000 mg ... for some, that's all they need. Didn't do a lot for me but it really brings relief for others :)









Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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It's possible you are shedding because that is a typical prodrome symptom ... it could just be that you are healing because the nerves have been irritated by the virus and they can act like that in any post-trauma.... so for now you want to be especially careful ... it should settle down within a few weeks or months ... and you may have a few more OB's before things really settle down... be patient with your body and trust it to develop the antibodies ... and do what you can (healthy diet, reduce stress/etc) to support it right now....and it will do the rest ;)

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Okay! Im glad I found this, I posted a few days back about a bladder infection linked to a cold sore, (ob which is really just one tiny spot at a time)- a week or two leading up to my sore I had almost irritation but just feels funky almost like a tingle, just feels funky.. I've been all stressed out that somehow I contracted another std somehow and googling everything under the sun that it could be. So thankful for this post, I still have my tiny sore and it still feels funny, i don't exactly know what a prodrome is.. But this post definitely put my mind at ease that it is just another funky side effect of the Hsv!

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