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Somehow passed herpes to my 9 month old? I can't take this anymore.

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I woke her up from nap a she has cold sore on bottom lip I am taking her to doc at 2.i can't take this bs she is always rubbing her mouth to eyes I'm pretty much breaking down. We always wash are hands my wife said she felt that she has small one on corner of mouth but I couldn't tell.how does this happen. I can't take this anymore

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If your wife has oral herpes (didn't you say she has cold sores?), does she kiss the baby on the mouth?


You have it genitally? I don't see you being the one that might have transmitted it to her.


Are you positive it is a cold sore? I'm just asking because I think you tend to be overly anxious about what you see as a possible herpes infection. (understandable)


If she does have it, it's not the end of the world. Remember, most people get oral HSV1 as a child.

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Once again.. STOP PANICKING!!!! It may well not be a cold sore. If it is, she will join the 60% of kids who get cold sores one way or another. She wouldn't have got it from your hands and I doubt she's been near your genitals so calm down .. it may just be a chapped lip or a cut.


Whatever happens SHE WILL BE FINE! I had it from a very young age and I did fine.. had OB's twice a year as a kid ... occasionally as an adult.


I'm willing to guess that it's just a knick or a cut ... so BREATHE and get to the Dr so they can tell you that you stop worrying friend.....

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The doc just said it could be with both of us having it and no other outside exposer.i felt at one point during this I was having oral OB and wife feels like she has one now but if so they are very small not really open?if thats enough to pass? Baby throat was a lil red also said that could be any virus but also hsv. Gave me a scrip of liquid antivirals to use for 5 days not sure how I feel about that.said I can use them or just wait but work best a first sign.also if nothing happens just stop at 2 or 3 days?i worry most about her rubbing I just put her down and had to hold her arms down to stop her rubbing mouth to her eye when she gets tired.she has the prettys mouth and blue eyes just kills me this is happing.I had a friend stop by when I was breaking down and told him everything he called his dads doc that is about to pass and ask what I should do.he said put lil socks over her hand and put abreva on not much else you can do.i just can't take something happening to her.


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Without a swab you have no diagnosis. Period.


And NO NO NO your baby coundn't have got it from grabbing your phone... No she can't "just get it" because you have it (it doesn't fly through the air).


And unless you had an ACTIVE OB and she touched it with her mouth her odds of getting it are NIL..... even then if she touched it then herself the odds would be miniscule. Really.... my kids touched my mouth ALL.THE.TIME. when they wre babies (I have H1 oral as well) ... I kisssed them ALL.THE.TIME. (as long as I didn't have an OB). I treated them 100% NORMALLY. I've done the same for my grandbaby and she doesn't have it either.


She is far, Far, FAR more likely to get it from another kid in pre-school. Promise.


Your Dr should have done a swab to put your mind a rest....


Look friend. YOu really, REALLY need to chill about this.... LISTEN to a veteran who has BOTH types. YOu are going to do FAR more damage to her with your paranoia than Herpes will EVER do to her (IF she ever ends up with it.... which would more likely happen when she gets sexually active than it will now) The BIGGEST thing is you know you *may* have H1 orally and thus you will be careful when you *may* be having an OB to not kiss her. THAT IS ENOUGH to protect her. The kids that get it get it from someone who doesn't know that those sores are contagious (and likely don't know they are Herpes) so they kiss people and share drinks with full-on OB's. You know better and you won't do that. So she will be FINE......


Again, without a swab I don't believe she has Herpes... just keep an eye on her. If she gets better in a few days, it's not H. Their little bodies can't fight it well (ie, she'd likely get the full on flu symptoms...not just a red throat)... so if she's not really sick at this point, I would wait on the meds. Odds are if she has anything it may be a bug or even teething issues.


Please... try to believe me here. If you continue the rest of her life to twitch at every little thing you will turn her into a hypochondriac because you will teach her to be afraid of every little bug out there and that makes for a very tough life because she'll never be able to relax. I expect even now your nerves are affecting her ... so please, please, please, TRY to chill out, be sensible around hand washing and kissing and such (but don't go crazy with it) and try to live NORMALLY with her. Yes, you and your wife need to work your things out (both health and marriage) but please don't bring the baby into it. She'll be FINE if you can realize that babies are programmed to SURVIVE ... but only if you don't undermine them by overprotecting them and putting all your fears on them... ok???



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If it helps, I have genital herpes and my husband has oral herpes. We went on to have three perfectly healthy babies. They are now 13,11,and 9. We didn't do anything different except wash our hands (which most people do anyway) before touching them and trying not to sharing drinks/kissing with an active outbreak (my husband, since his is oral). I say trying because kids are sneaky buggers sometimes and they would get a quick peck in or swipe his glass when he wasn't looking. Still no problems. Relax.

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Thanks. her obgyn told her that the spot were something post labor in woman and treating her BV with some kind of gel she has to put up in her.i still can't understand how they showed up week later on her with all the other stuff. But my wife trust her she is a good doc.cervix didn't seem to be inflamed like other docs said?

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? She said those bumps were not.but if we ever have another baby she will put her on antiviral to be safe.i plan on seeing the specialist I just read someone story that has same thing going on as I do.the redness and change to my penis head and ongoing discomfort from it.my gland on head look completely different kinda wrinkled looking and just feels deferent to rest of penis and the redness and pain seems to come and go this other person had same thing going on and has never got normal? I am scared that I will never look or feel the same down there.very depressing.

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