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I was diagnosed two days ago by visual examination, the swab results won't be back for days, but like many of you I know it's herpes, and the test results to me are of little concern. I seeing a beautiful man almost 3 weeks ago, and my story seems to parallel many of yours. Today is Friday, so I guess last Thursday or Friday I started noticing that I was really sore, and just accounted it to the vigorous sex that we had been having every day since we met so I told him we needed to cool it for a couple of days. I started itching, and figured it was a yeast infection, and started taking an over the counter pill for it, eating some yogurt etc. Of course this didn't help. On Monday my lymph nodes in my neck started to swell and I started getting that general overall icky feeling, and attributed it to the cold or something else. On Tuesday I felt absolutely miserable, and decided that if I felt worse the next day, I would make an appointment at the clinic on campus (I'm a graduate student) and get it checked out. Wednesday morning I woke up, and felt like death. All the lymph nodes in my neck were swollen, and my "crotch" symptoms continued to worsen including pain when I wiped and urinated. I also developed a nice canker sore on my lip, and called to make an appointment.


I started researching canker sores, lymph nodes etc while waiting for my appointment, and then decided that with the amount of pain I was in, I better sit in front of a mirror and see what was going on downstairs. I discovered around 10 sores and was of course then horrified when I realized that my head symptoms were a part of something else besides a cold all together.


I'm a 44 year old graduate student. My partner is 15 years my junior. I told him before I went to the clinic that instead of the sinus infection/cold I thought I was dealing with, that I was going to get checked for an STD. After they confirmed it, I told him about it. He told me that he had never had an outbreak or any symptoms. I told him that with the timeline, it was likely him, but there was no way to be sure, and that when you have unprotected sex, there are risks involved, and I knew that going in. I also realize there is no reason to be angry or point fingers, what's done is done, and the best thing to do is to get through this horrible initial outbreak and move forward. It's of course completely possible that I've had it, and never known, and gave it to him. I actually JUST NOW got my swab results. Positive for HSV 1, none detected on HSV 2, but the Dr said that doesn't mean anything really as they intermingle, and I have sores all over my mouth and genitals.


So man, what can I say.... this has to be one of the worst things I've ever experienced. I have approximately 16 sores in my mouth, with about 1/2 of those on my tongue. I just got prescribed hydrocodone today so that I can continue staying hydrated and eat. The only things I can eat are soft, and I've been sticking to soup and pastas. The warm salt water rinses as a urinate or immediately following have been helping, and I'm going to do an Epsom salt bath tonight. I'm taking Acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day, and have been able to have someone cover teaching my labs and have been able to stay home. I'm hoping by the end of this 3 day weekend I will be on the upswing and the flu-feeling will have passed and I can try to return to normal. I've only told two close friends and of course my partner who has been completely supportive and taking care of me.


I just wanted to introduce myself, and see if there are other people that have had such a bad outbreak of sores in their mouths? Hopefully with the hydros it won't be as bad, but I can only sleep a couple of hours at a time, and wake up in tears afterwards because of the pain. It feels like 1000 open cuts in my mouth. Today has been the worst so far.


I look forward to reading more on this site and am very happy I found it. Hang in there everyone that has just been diagnosed, as well as those experiencing their first OB. I'm right there with you.


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Hello and Welcome!!!


I'm on my way out the door but just wanted to welcome you... and wanted to point out that odds are you got HSV1 in both places and that the BF likely had cold sores as a kid and doesn't know it can spread to the genitals... but best to get him tested so you know for sure... If he comes up H+ for one or the other then that will help you to figure out what is going on... and how you need to proceed with sex with him (using protection or not) ;)


Gotta go... ((HUGS)))

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Hi there, someone I talked to yesterday said they have hsv1 orally and she told me that Lysine really works for her. I'm not sure which type, I think just regular Lysine. I use Super Lysine I got from a food health store or you can get it online, I use it for my GHSV2. Thank you for sharing your story and we are all here for you.

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Thank you! I actually got some Lysine today. I also took an Epsom salt soak and then tried some tea tree oil on a few sores around my bum and labia. It didn't sting and seems to be working fine. Of course it could be the hydrocodone too which is the only reason. I can even swallow. Pain pills are a miracle. As far as testing, I want to have more testing done when I have insurance. He needs to get tested too... Maybe Planned Parenthood?

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You always want to use L-Lysine no matter the brand because the body absorbs it better ... and it works for some and not others... you just have to try it and see if it helps you or not.


And make sure you don't use the Tea Tree Oil neat - cut it with some oil like Coconut (which is also antiviral and many say it's very soothing.) You could actually swish with the coconut oil as well for the mouth and see if that helps ...it may soothe the sores there.


I'd also try getting a GOOD (preferably locally produced) yougurt drink (you want it as unprocessed as possible so the cultures are truly LIVE) ... as you drink it the bioflora will help to balance things in your mouth... cankar sores are usually highly affected by the balance of flora in the mouth ... so probiotics may help ... I got thrush once in my mouth and the yogurt cleared it in a couple days...


Yes - Planned Parenthood may help ... they will often give you a sliding scale and will let you pay it off over time....

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