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Thought herpes outbreak was just a rash :( :( :( I'm devasted

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A few days ago I had a little itch down there and it started to hurt a little, I thought its best to get it checked. To my relief the doctor says its nothing serious and that I should just do warm compression. I insisted that I want to get blood work and urine sample to rule out anything. They didn't call me back for 2 days and after I left a voice mail the nurse contacted me saying I am positive for both HSV1 and 2. I was shocked, confused and angry that firstly that they took my visit so lightly. I even asked her before I left the clinic if it was safe to have sex as I'm worried about my husband in case this is something serious. She very confidently replied I wouldn't stop you from having sex as it doesn't look anything like herpes. I am so so upset for misleading me and putting my husband at risk too. Of course I'm a 36 year old woman and love my husband of 11 years more than my own life and I said we should not risk it until the tests.


I have been faithful to my husband and so has he been all our married life of 11 years. We'v always always used condoms.I have not had any outbreaks in last 11 years and have had a normal delivery. I am an extremely healthy person and truly believe in food as nourishment. I go to great lengths to make sure my family and I stay super healthy. I am big on all natural, organics and vitamins. I refuse to let this virus defeat me but today after getting off that call I felt really low for the very first time in my life. Like I have failed!!


I started to rewind my life and remembered that 15 years ago I had a horrible episode of outbreak (my first) which at that time I thought was a bad case of some infection least realizing I could have got it from my ex BF. I was young and my parents lived out of the country and I didn't have much money :( I just sucked my that horrible pain and cried my eyes out till I fell asleep. That was my first and this is my second which is no itch, no pain so much that the doctor even declared it "no herpes" but now I'm beyond scared for other outbreaks. How is it possible that I had no out break for almost 15 years? am I going to get more now? is it that I'm getting old? I'm just a nervous wreck!! Here I am this person who hasn't got the flu ever because I take so many precautions and eat so well and now I have to live with this virus or I was living with the virus I didn't know. Sometimes I wish I had not asked for blood work. Its just bringing me down so much that I'm losing all my positive energy :( I cried in front of my husband and he was so super supportive.He gave me a hug and said its just a virus don't worry,I'm with you!!


I could use all the guidance and support. I try and not read too much on the internet as it makes me think of things that don't even exist. I can barely sleep at night.

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It may be something hormonal that is triggering your outbreaks. It may be something that goes away once your body has settled down again. It could be the stress too since you stated you are a nervous wreck.


As you already said, you've been living with this virus and you didn't know. Now that you do know, you can prevent it from spreading to your husband if he doesn't already have it. Is he going to get tested? I think that would be my next step. It sounds as if he is supportive, which should give you a little relief.

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Hey there - I really need to get to bed and I WILL come back to this but I just want to tell you that YES, you could have had it all this time with no outbreaks and then something triggered it... I have a patient who had her first ever after 30 years of marriage.


I'll be back but just wanted to let you know that ..



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Maybe the clinic is right - that it's an unrelated rash, but it gave you cause to take a blood test. In either case can you teach us all your recipe for good health? That is a great record and your body's done a great job of suppressing the sod! Will your husband have a blood test too?

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Thank you everyone for writing back. I logged on first thing in the morning to check if I got any replies. H is all I can think of right now. My husband says he will get himself tested and says that if he has it already " well we are in it together and don't have it worry too much" and if he doesn't have it then we will be super careful if I feel I have an outbreak coming. Funny thing is that the nurse said I have HSV1 as well and I have never ever had a cold sore. As for the health recipe it could be combination of a few things. I have always eaten fresh local food since I was a kid as my dad was a big promoter of food as medicine! I buy local organic produce, no soda, no processed, very very little sugar like sugar in my coffee that's all.Only fish and chicken, no red meat. Tons of water, great sleep we are in bed at 8 pm I have absolutely zero stress in my life. I even make my own natural cleaning supplies to make our home chemical free.I have been doing meditation off and on and I'm generally a very very positive person. My friends call me "the incurable optimist" there is nothing in the last 36 years of my life that has brought me down ever other than my father's sudden passing away. I treated that as ultimate loss and stress and it could never get worse than that. I didn't have any outbreaks then, then how come now? all of a sudden? I really can't think of anything that could have triggered it. I'm only concerned that if I don't find out then I won't be able to stop future outbreaks.

I really hope I can get some more info as ti why and what may have triggered it. I read through the support group and you guys right here are amazing!! you guys are the ones I need in my life. I truly believe in energy and that we draw the kinda people we want in our lives. You are such a positive bunch of people I love you and thank you all!

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Try finding your optimism again. Like you stated, you could have had this all along. So what really changes for you? Once you get those outbreaks under control, life will go on as usual. You're used to having protected sex, living healthy, etc. You're ahead of the game if you think about it! And you have a supportive partner. Life is good, don't let H take that away from you.

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What @MMissouri said :)


And what triggered it? My guess would be hormones. Some women get OB's with their period. I had more OB's when I went through menopause and now hardly have any.


You may want to get a hormonal work-up just to see if anything is out of whack. Beyond that, learning how to attack it will help a lot ... I'll post the links below for you with lots of ideas of what you can do :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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