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I had unprotected sex with boyfriend all weekend — didn't realize I had a herpes blister

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So I'm on 1000mg of valtrax a day and it seems Im getting obs every 6mths. I am so disgusted by this. I literally feel like I just recovered from my last OB in July. Which seemed to still tingle n hurt for months after the OB healed . Anyway my bf knows I have herpes. We had sex all weekend without a condom. Yesterday was Sunday . We had sex . And today I notice a blister in the same exact spot as July. It's small n doesn't seem to be open yet . I just applied tea tree oil and will be doubling up on my valtrax . However... What are the chances that he got it? He has hsv1 which I heard supposedly causes him to have more antibodies to fight this. I've been so broken by this disease. I try not to let it get me down but how can I live a normal life in constant fear and discomfort? Please help me Im so saddened by this . And I hope I didn't transmit it to him. I understand he knows the risk. But we all know how Relationships are hard enough ... I don't need to feel subconsciously resented for this. And I hope the tea tree oil stops it. Can the combo of tea tree and valtrax stop the bluster from fully erupting ? Or once it starts does it have to go through the whole process ?

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So first ... BREATHE!!!


If you only noticed it today it likely came up AFTER you had sex... maybe because you irritated the area if you had a lot of sex. So chances are he will be ok... but just keep an eye on things. At this point it's all you can do...


Definitely use the tea tree oil on it (not neat though ... cut it with coconut oil which is also an antiviral.) ... you can also use some of the other things that are mentioned in the suggestions in our "treatments" links ... epsom salts baths, blow drying the area to keep it dry and going commando seem to be the top choices that work for people. The faster/more aggressively you attack it from inside and outside, the faster you will make it go away :)







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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Thank you. This is a terrible disease it has impacted my life in so many ways. I'm trying so hard to stay positive . I just hope this one doesn't last as long as the last one and I hope my bf didn't get it . I've had this for over 3 years . Seems like this past year has been the worst and I don't know why!!!

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So - you need to realize that your words have power ... so calling it a "terrible disease" is basially *inviting* it to negatively impact your life and it may be why it seems worse lately... so how's about trying to see the lessons to be learned and find ways to be grateful for them and see if Herpes impacts your life as negatively... ;)

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Thanks for the positive . But there has really been no positive coming from these outbreaks. And I doubt I will ever be grateful for this . I want it gone forever. But I will try my hardest to be strong. It just seems very heightened this year for some reason. Also feels like I have something internally like inside vagina/cervjx . Wondering if there is a blister up there too. I just have had issues on n off n my Gyno seems to think it's atypical herpes symptoms. I just want a break.

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I'm sure that if you have had ongoing symptoms that would be very frustrating and not helping your mood. Perhaps it's time to find a specialist ... once you know all of what you are dealing with you canfigure out strategies to deal with it ...where do you live?


And I know you can't see it right now... (and BTW I never said that there is anything positive about the OB's ;) ) ... but getting Herpes CAN help you to become a much stronger person, promise :)




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When I was reading your post, my thoughts instantly went to the boyfriend. What is his response to all of this?? He knows your status, he knows the risks, and he is with you. No one wants to pass this on, I get that, but I think you are being a little hard on yourself.


This might be comparing apples to oranges but what if your boyfriend had athletes foot? So.. he has this fungus that he can transfer to his hands and groin area if he's not careful. He have to be diligent with towels, shoes, surfaces he walks on, etc. (It can come back multiple times, some people have issues with it for life). It's contagious by indirect and direct contact. Some people might read this and be like...how gross! Some people will read this and be like big deal.. it's just a skin condition. Think about that.


(And go ahead and look at google images...nice eh?)


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Thanks @mmissiouri I just know how bad I suffer with it . Don't want him dealing with the same . He probably has it. I had so much clear watery discharge but I thought it was from ovulation. I'm so tired of this . Have to go to work tomorrow Im a teacher. It's going to be a very uncomfortable day. I hate this

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Please - try the link I gave you ... hopefully they can help you with your symptoms... and @MMissouri is right ... there are plenty of things we can pass to another ... we just don't paint them with the "stigma brush". And who is to say he would "suffer" like you do? 80% of people with H don't even know they have it. AND, he knows the risks ... he knows how it affects you, and he's still willing to be intimate with you. That's a pretty beautiful thing :)

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