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Question for ladies: Sensitive vagina from herpes?

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My wife is having back pain and discharge that comes with yellowish color with sensitive vagina.Her urine is clear of bacteria had a pap swear that was normal and a walk in clinic did a swab send off and it was normal.her last visit her obgyn treated her for BV. She said she felt some better but came back after she was done with insert gel.she has been cleared of all std two times but H. I have H1 and she has had cold sores? She had blister looking bumps come up after sex a week later and they have not changed we have been told they are not herpes because of look and they have not opened that they are something from post childbirth are girl is 10 months? Have any of you ladies had tender back, discharge and sensitive vagina from H for weeks on end? I have found similar story's where they thought it was yeast,uti,or other bacteria and were cleared of all only leaving H as culprit.My wife left obgyn today with her saying will get to bottom of this and is running more test the doc thinks it could be BV not gone and send culture off. Now another 2 day wait and pray she feels better.

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I think the reason you are not getting responses is that we have already responded to this same question many times. I'm sorry that your wife is having such a confusing and difficult time in getting to the bottom of things (and I'm glad that you got a Dr who said they are going to get to the bottom of it) but really, I am not sure that we can help you with this at this point ... you will have to wait for the test results and keep going back until they get to the bottom of it all ... and just don't give up. OK???

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I'm not sure what you want? The doctor is sending off more tests and trying to figure out why she continues to have issues, which is a reasonable thing to do. I can only speak from my experience, but I've never had those issues in relation to H. As for the bumps being related to childbirth- just because your baby is 10 months old does not mean they will go away. Take skin tags for instance, some people just start getting them and they remain unless they are removed.


As for her infections, maybe she isn't getting them completely resolved. Is she taking/completing her meds like she's suppose to? I'm just asking because some people stop once they are feeling better, which is not a good thing. Or..Maybe she needs a different type of medication, some people don't have good results with one vs another. If they prescribe the same ones as before, perhaps you can ask for something different. Another thing is antibiotics kill good bacteria. Is she eating yogurt or taking probiotics?


Another scenario is maybe something is triggering them. Fabric softener, scented things, type of underwear, etc. I've heard of people who suddenly get repeated infections and those things listed were the cause. I feel strange talking to you about this but does she douche? That could be irritating things. Does she have toys? Have you attempted to have sex? There are so many things that could be causing this..




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