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I'am tired of having this sypmtoms after almost 3 years :(

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I feel like I am powerless :( I dont know what causing this. Doctor couldnt figure out also. They checked every single thing. I am not stresfull at all. I work 6 hours a day and come in afternoon. Plenty of resting time also. I used daily valtrex more than a year. I thought maybe antivirals causing this and stop taking it like a week ago. Its less annoying now but still pinch,stings, burns and tender daily. In the morning evetything is fine. I wake up pray to god that wont come but in like 2-3 hours comes again. I am healthy,athletic person. I do pilates and breathe exercise daily. But sill?huh... I took zinc, vitamin C and lysine sometimes. No help. Which they used to help a lot.

In my first year I got some how 2 outbreaks. Second year nothing! But this year back to back ob during taking antivirals or without. I have a very happy relationship for 2.5 years. We think he is still neg. ( he tested after my diagnosis for couple of times) but he doesnt wanna get tested, it doesnt change anything for him. He asked me to marry him also! Very happy with him. I cant see him everyday because we live apart from eachother but when he visits me I got an ob! This ruins our sex life too. We were like bunnies and know 40 years old married couple. He has a high libido and this makes him sad. But still he is very supportive! I just needed to vent!

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I hope things get better! For you and you man.this to has really messed are sex life up. I have the off feeling every day.are you having this feelings when your not having outbreak ? I have only had the one but still feel like its lingering around? My penis always feels weird,irritated and more frequent urge to pee? I pray this feeling goes away. for all of us that are suffering from this.

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Well without obs I was fine with it. Last year was so good nothing at all. But I dunno whats triggering it. If you are on your first year probably it will ease soon. Because male genitals are very dry and it doesnt cause too many pains. But ours is wet and mucuosa membranes cause this feeling :(

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I'm new here and having the same issues. Back to back and no relief in sight. Once in a while I get a week of no outbreak. I do have stress but who doesn't? I tried taking a break from antivirals hoping my body would build up some of its own defenses. I am trying some over the counter herbal and changing my diet to the best of my ability. Trying to stay positive and calm. Just needed to vent myself. I have had zero sex life since being diagnosed in May. Just never feel rid of an outbreak 100 percent.

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My suggestion to you all is to keep trying to find external ways to attack the virus ... I find that not allowing the virus to actually get to a full OB (I attack mine with Ammomium Alum ... it dries it right up for me) not only helps my body to control it better, it keeps me from having the mental issues of having an OB. You will feel like you have at least *some* control of the situation ... and then the antibodies can do their job.. I have to find a new source for my alum link (someone told me it was out of stock) PM me if you want to find some...








Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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