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Been having herpes symptoms for 4 months, no "blisters" so hasn't been a clear cut confirmation

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I got involved with an individual who neglected to inform me that she was positive for HSV, telling me only after several times having rough unprotected sex. Fucking great person.


I began to have symptoms lasting a week, classic HSV symptoms, I was sick (but there were colds going around?), pains and tingling in my abdomen and genitals, but no sores. The tingling went away, but since then there has been a persistent itching in my genital area at least a couple times a day. Then persistent itching on my face with slight burning sometimes, sometimes slight pain around my abdomen and lymph nodes, and shooting nerve pain in my hand periodically.


The itching really is extremely consistent especially on my face. Its too noticeable for me to just diminish it in my mind, and the girl informing me of her status only cements the fact that it seems likely to be HSV. I know the idea is to get a blood test but I want to do that if I choose to and I'm not sure if I want to at this moment of the ordeal. The whole thing is still burdening me tremendously. Just wondering if there are people here with these persistent but not obvious symptoms who know they have it.

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Some people do have these type of symptoms without an OB and are positive for H. On the other hand, sometimes when people hear they have been exposed, they convince themselves that they have it when they don't. Like you stated, your next step would be a blood test. Although people can pipe up and say your symptoms sound H related, it wouldn't be a diagnoses. Being stuck in limbo is worse than knowing. Why not just get the test?

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Well hate to tell you this but these symptoms could be anything.


My recommendation is if you are 16 weeks post exposure take a blood test. I know you might not be emotionally ready for the results but trust me, not knowing gives you far more anxiety. My ordeal lasted one year and still going.


Get the blood test and then post your results


Itching is more indicative of jock itch. Have you seen a health provider?

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Hello and Wecome!


As already mentioned... the symptoms *could* be herpes and they *might* be something else... and only a test will tell you but unfortunately you will want to wait till 4 months post exposure because the IgG test won't give a definitive result before then and the IgM isn't reliable enough to be worth doing. If you get any kind of a rash/lesions in the meantime go get them swabbed ASAP... preferably at Planned Partentood or some place like an STD clinic because GP's are often very uneducated about Herpes info nowadays.


And while I hear your anger at the girl (and we very much encourage people to disclose here) the fear of rejeciton combined with a belief that you can't pass it on without an active OB (some Dr's are still giving out that out-of-date advice and telling their patients that they don't have to disclose) ....well, odds are that she was scared or misinformed. The general public (and MUCH of the medical profession) are terribly poorly educated about STD's ... we hope to change that here over time ... but for now, this lack of information'facts is creating far too many stories like yours.


In the meantime, try to not obsess about every little "symptom" because as mentioned we have had a number of people on here *convinced* that they had Herpes and they had something else... so go to PP... get checked out, and set a date for a blood test... ok?




Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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