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Tesla High Frequency possible relief of herpes

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I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with Genital HSV 1 this past July.

I have been reading everything I can about HSV & also holistic ways to bring some relief. I have to say Witch Hazel & Tucks wipes are my new best friend!

I work & teach Skin Care in the Esthetics Field and as an Instructor we use something during Facial treatments called Tesla High Frequency current as part of a facial treatment. It is used to kill bacteria, cauterize open lesions on the skin & heal the area being treated. It also eliminates toxins in the cells. I started delving into research on this further finding it helps to heal cold sores when used at the first sign of tingling. I understand HSV is viral & not bacterial but I've read that it has a healing effect on lesions.

I have a handheld High Frequency I purchased for my own use at home. I currently have an active lesion & am going to see if it helps. I just googled tesla High Frequency to heal coldsores & there was an Article "Plagued by cold sores?"

I hope this may help as I know were all looking for some relief! If anyone has tried or has more information please share! I'd love to hear input :-)

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hey, this sounds similar to something I read about from some german company. it used heat. the idea was a small very localized heat source, it was like a pen, was put onto a lesion upon first appearance and it would ( in theory) heat up and kill the virus inside the bump making for faster healing. I don't know if it worked and at least they weren't calling it a cure. just one of those odd things you find when looking up herpes.


I recently tried puff ball mushroom powder on a bump after popping it. it seemed to help in drying it out quickly and starting the healing but not sure of any overall change. fyi puff ball mushrooms are used in nat am med for cuts. ive used them that way and they work fantastically!! its the powder inside, sterile, coagulant, and dry.

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If you have the machine and know how to use it, then it's worth a try! I tell people that there are a lot of ways to help to knock OB's down from the outside and I've found that anything you can do to stop the progression and dry it up, the better the body can take over controlling it and sending it back to it's ganglion home :)

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I used it on my last outbreak. I had 1 bump that was throbbing. I felt relief shortly after using High Frequency. I used 3x that day. The next day pain was gone but bump was there not as large used it 3 more times throughout the day. Pain was completely gone by the end of the day & the bump was gone completely 2 days after. I was pretty impressed :-)

My attachment came with 4 different glass electrodes. I used the thin one. We use it during treatments to so call "spark" a lesion. Feels like a tiny static electricity. I "sparked" mine for about 5 mins each time. It gives off an ozone scent which is basically the effect

of a High Frequency. I'll be using it everytime I have an outbreak from here on out! If you read about it it's said to kill bacteria, viruses & fungus. All I know is it helped mine!

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cool beans! now if I may, would you be so kind as to look up amazon or ebay and gives us a link to an approximate one to yours ( sans the price tag :) ) there seemed to be a lot on there and not knowing much wouldn't want to get a worthless one were I to get one. im wondering who it would do on the prebump, when the tingle starts. that would be hard to tell as not every tingle becomes a bump. does this thing work on acne? if it does im surprised you don't see it being marketed, ive started seeing laser hair removal devices now, I mean decent ones too.

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I'll look and see if I can find the one I purchased. I bought mine awhile back before I had HSV.

Yes it is used for Acne. We use it at the school I teach at as do most Esthetic schools. We use it on breakouts & after doing extractions on a client to heal the skin faster. I'm not sure why it's not marketed as much as other devices out there. But I do know it works very well at healing skin lesions. I've seen it first hand. I just put 2 & 2 together one day and thought, I wonder if it would help heal up HSV lesions, bumps or blisters? I researched a bit & found it talked about how it speeds up healing time of Cold Sores which we know is HSV. Although mine are in the genital region I decided to try using it on mine. I figured why not see if it would work there too. And like I had mentioned it worked well for me :-) I believe there's a lot of things out there to speed healing times. I think beyond Meds & supplements (which I use also) there is also Tesla & Light Therapy ( which also comes in hand held devices) Put all of it together & I'm hoping less outbreaks & when they do happen faster healing time :-) That's my thought :-)

I don't want to dwell on the fact I have HSV. That I cannot change at this point but instead how to supress it & speed up healing outbreaks. I know everyone's outbreak are different but finding what works is just a process of elimination I'm assuming :-)

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well I bought one, it arrives today. im also interested in its purported ability to make hair thicker and stimulate new growth as the antivirals seem to be making my hair thin and giving me a sixhead instead of a forehead. could be worse, my own father was almost completely bald by 30 and im 50 this year ( sigh).

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@Libragirl43 ok ive obtained one of these contraptions and it looks more like a bdsm toy than anything else. ive learned to be careful with the smallest insert and the strength setting when applied to, um, sensitive areas. the question now is, what the heck do I do with it?

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I'd start out slow & see how your outbreaks respond. I sparked mine meaning using a tapping on the outbreak for 10 seconds. The total time I used it was 5 to 10 minutes each time. A few times a day. I'm used to high frequency since it's used where I work. But since it's new to you start out slow until your used to using it. It looks & sounds more intense them it is :-) Hope that helps!!


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well id need to have an OB to do anything with it. by tapping you mean not touching the skin? in its rather interestingly written instructions there seems to be 2 ways of using it, on skin and just above. and you did this for 5-10 straight? also what color light wand? mine came with the orange and I now understand the violet is better on critters. have to see if I can get a second set. I used it on my face and it did seem to smooth out some crows feet a bit and lessen my familial raccoon eyes a bit.

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Mine came with both colors but the one I use for zapping is Orange. They both work. The long glass piece with the ball at the end I use on my outbreak. I'd start at your lowest setting seeing some are stronger then others. Just depends on the manufacturer. Place your finger on the glass piece & then removing your finger gently tap the head of the glass piece on your breakout. I started at about 5 mins just zapping my spot. It was hurting before I used the High Frequency ALOT. As soon as I started tapping the bump it started feeling like it wasn't throbbing anymore. I kept tapping meaning tapping the glass piece on the bump. It started looking smaller. I did it for 5 mins. I'd suggest starting for a few mins a few times a day. It just feels like static. I also read if you start feeling prodomes or tender in the area the faster you start using it the less likely you'll have a breakout. I've used it on my last 2 breakouts & it helped with the aching pain & it cleared up within a few days. I hope that it helps :-)

And yes it's great on the face to smooth fine lines & wrinkles. And a side effect can be hair growth. That's why they give a glass comb. The key is consistency in using it.

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ok, thanks for the clarification. ive played with the thing a bit and ive been on a TENS machine for a back injury and this is like a lower level more focused version of that. I have a high pain threshold as it were. I had read the blue were better at killing critters as they create a small amount of UV, not enough to damage skin but a microburst to the buggers. a second set of wands is @ 20 on amazon. I kind of like the ozone smell when using it. and I did use it on an itchy spot and it stopped itching.

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ok, so I am not having an ob to test this with BUT I had an odd bump on my back, kinda white/clear. hard from what I could tell. was hard to reach. been there for at least a year. zapped it for 3 days, maybe 20 seconds each time. missed sat and sun, went to look at it on Monday, its gone! holy hand grenades batman. am now trying it on a blackhead ive had on my collar bone since being a teen and a few other skin oddities.

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It works on a lot of skin thingies. My finger was hurting in the side if my nail for days zapped it & it's completly fine. I had 1 tiny bump come up & wasn't sure if it was H starting. Was in a spot I've had it before. I zapped it like I was in a Sci-Fi movie! I probably over zapped it! It's gone :-)

Blackheads you usually have to extract. If it's been there awhile then once extracted it might leave a bit of a hole. Zap the area. It's my new favorite go too! I've been sick with a cold & the side of my nose really sore. I zapped it & it healed up. Wasn't hurting at all by evening. It really works on many things :-)

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well its made the blackhead rather angry. if it were a laser id think it was the light spectrum. haven't noticed it do anything else with the other thingies ive tried it on so far but im only on day 3 and didn't have much time yesterday to do a good zapping.


as to extracting, that thing is in there, would need an oil rig.

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