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Has anyone found Chiropractor or Massage has helped control herpes breakouts?

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im doubting it would bring on an OB, but I guess anything is possible. im pretty sure its not like a knot you get that can be worked out, I get one on my left upper back that causes my sinuses to get clogged when it gets broke down. im thinking a ganglion is too deep to have the virus " squeezed" out. plus unless your at a "massage parlor" that does happy endings the therapist shouldn't be anywhere near your privates, heck I don't think they will even do glutes at most places. dang now im thinking of a massage, best part is the calves, ohhh the tension release. too cold outside to think of being in a towel.

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Again - I did say that it will help with anxiety and stress so in that way it *might* help ... and no it won't bring on an OB - it doesn't live in the lower area... it actually holes up in the ganglion which is near the spine :)


And @seeker - I do glutes all the time... nothing like an elbow to the piriformis to help a person to see stars :)

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@WCSDancer2010 and others on this thread or beyond...

anyone know if the use of the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve simulators) used at the chiropractors office are a bad thing once you have H? This is the electrical stimulation they run with little suction cups placed strategically on your back or other area of pain.

For years I’ve used a combination of TENS treatment with manual chiropractic adjustment (and yoga). I’ve been worried ever since my HSV2 diagnosis to have the TENS treatment given that it stimulates the nerves. I often have the pads placed on my low back when things are out of what— near low spine. Sometimes used on shoulder blades. It’s always been a really helpful treatment for me, but I’ve been super hesitant to do it these last months not wanting to invite an OB by stimulating the nerves down there.

anyone have info on this? 

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