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Two herpes-positive people (HSV-2): Sex during herpes outbreaks?

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I'm having a slightly hard time googling info about this. I've been positive for 8 years. I am currently entering my first sexual friendship with another positive person. He lives across state and we had planned a date for a couple days from now. Today he noticed an outbreak. He is more recently diagnosed. Neither of us have ever been 'knowingly' with other positives and are curious if we really need to worry about his outbreak. We plan on using condoms but his outbreak is on his body in a place that condoms don't cover. We both already have it and I feel fairly confident that my body has plenty of antibodies to protect me from getting outbreaks in a different location then where I currently get them. Thoughts? Experiences?

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My experience and info I have received from infectious disease doc.... once you have it, you can't get it again!!!! Meaning..... if you already have hsv of the same type it is HIGHLY unusual to get it in another location. that has been my experience of over 15yrs and that is echoed by the professionals I have talked to.

I say.... enjoy the fact that you don't have to worry about infecting a H- person and have fun! :)

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Over all, two H+ people having hot sex is a most epic thing.....(in my experience). Credit to both of you for wanting to be safe. There is always a tiny possibility of exceptions to all the rules and stats but in the big picture, you are generally very safe! Don't let herpes play a role on your relationship because it doesn't have to since you are both positive. I have had many years experience with a H+ partner and never worried about it, that is the best case scenario.

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One quick question to add to what @fitgirl said...


Do you both have the SAME kind of herpes (HSV1 or 2?) ... If you both have the same one, then yes, you can't give each other "more". But if you have different ones then I would suggest you find other ways to get yer freak on during OB's ... just to be safe :)

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