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2nd Herpes Outbreak!

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Hey guys!

First off let me say, your shared stories are a constant beacon of light for me. All too often I find myself being pulled into a depressive void that is the dreaded H. You guys help me see there is hope and there is life after diagnosis.

Moving on, I was diagnosed with HSV2 December 2014, so I'm very much a newbie. My initial outbreak...I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy, but I got through it. Your tips on keeping dry, staying clean, and what combo of "magic" to use really helped me out. As I started to clear up, I began to fear the second coming of the H, as most people said, outbreaks can be pretty frequent when you're new to the game. Everything freaked me out, a tingle, and itch, if i felt warm, if i felt cold, if i was aroused, and the monthly visitor of course had me on edge. But alas, through all of those things...nothing. Just when I was starting to think...hey this may not be too bad, BOOM, outbreak. Now I wasn't to upset, because I saw it, I immediately began my anti-virals and doing everything I had done before. Now I'm only on day three, but it is nowhere near as bad as my first. Yes, there is discomfort, itch, tingling, but i can still walk and dance and work and more importantly, be myself. Amongst so many stories of suffering and misfortune with second outbreaks, I wanted to share my story, because I'm not doing great, but I'm surviving. More importantly I'm living. Don't let the H break your spirit or the amazing person you were before it, because hey: you are still that amazing person. <3

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Thanks for taking the time to share your positive outlook, even through these dreaded physical symptoms. I am a huge believer than when your mind is in a good place, it gives your body every opportunity to heal itself. I know it's not easy to stay positive when there is pain and discomfort involved, but that's the time when we need it most. I love this part "i can sill walk and dance and work and more importantly, be myself" - that's a most amazing perspective... good on you! Hope you get through this one quickly, and carry on sharing your love and light, outbreak or no outbreak. :)

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@MissingMe it's so easy to allow the spirit to be broken, and trust me you are not alone! The most important fact is that you get back up, brush yourself off, and keep on pushing. Something I learned almost immediately after my diagnosis? You are your biggest fan. If you can't root for yourself and support yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? We are the same people we were before, we just have to take a little extra time on ourselves. A little extra care never hurt anybody

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The fact that you learned early on the many different "magic" things you can do to control and reduce the severity and length of OB's is a HUGE boost for dealing with Herpes mentally...because now you know what works for you and you can go on the attack the minute you have that tingling feeling.... one of the biggest things I see that challenges the newly diagnosed is the feeling of helplessness and feeling like their body is never going to feel "normal" ever again.


Thank you for sharing ... I know this will help many to have hope as they navigate their early experiences with Herpes...



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