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I'm losing my mind

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I just found out I have the H because of an outbreak... I'm going crazy, I cant eat, all.I want to do.is lay down. It hurts so bad..I have a little girl and I cant even attend to her because I am in so much pain. I been crying since I found out asking my self questions like, how does life go on, why me, is this really true.. my mind is all over the place...

Someone help me understand please.

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@beebee I promise you your life is not over. Im newly diagnosed in December and I thought my life was over. But I've come so far in such a short amount of time. Having this forum has helped me Tremendously. When I started having my symptoms I was tired all the time and just wanted to sleep as well. How your feeling is normal well at least to me because I felt the same way. I lost weight from not eating and the stress factor of everything. Im not 100% but I'm progressing everyday. Stay positive! How xoxo

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I'm not at my computer. . Can someone oast the home treatment links?


@Beebe ... I'll get back on later but a few quick things that should help :


Epson salts baths. .dump the salts between your legs after you get in the tub.


Dry the area thoroughly. . A blow drier on low helps alot


Go commando when you can. . The cooler and drier you can keep the area the better!



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@mssimgme well said! Im no longer ashamed of having H. I want to learn as much as possible and help others in anyway shape or form. Of course if I could turn back the hands of time and not have this virus I would...but.. I can't so why not make the best out of life. Yes I still sad and down but things could be worse. Im determined to beat this site and not let it over come my life.


@beebee you will get to a more positive place indue time. Like i said before I'm always available

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