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Happy Valentines Day! You might have herpes.

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I've never participated in a forum like this, but I've read a lot of what other people have said on here and I thought this might be a good way for me to sort through what I'm feeling right now. A few days ago, I went to PP for a pap smear and I wanted to get tested while I was at it because I just started seeing someone about a month ago and wanted to make sure I was all clear. We've been sleeping together for a couple if weeks, using condoms every time except once (which now makes me cringe). When she did my exam, she found a few little bumps that were so small I didn't see or feel them before. She told me they were genital warts, and that it meant I have HPV. She suggested that I let her use TCA to burn them off, and also gave me a tablet of Fluconazole because she said I had the beginnings of a yeast infection. I did the procedure, took the tablet, and left feeling devastated. That afternoon I told the new boyfriend about the HPV and he was cold, distant and obviously concerned about having it too. Which is understandable. After I left he did some research, got a little more comfortable with the idea and so did I. We agreed that it wasn't the end of the world.


However, that night I started to have extreme swelling and pain over my whole vagina. The TCA burns were only in one small spot, and I didn't have any pain before I went to the dr, but all of a sudden it hurt all over. I didn't even know I was getting a yeast infection when I went in, and all of a sudden it felt like I had one that was taking on a life of its own! The next day it didnt get any better. Yesterday I went back to PP. This time she told me I had BV and possibly Herpes. Monday: HPV and a yeast infection, Wednesday: BV and Herpes. I don't understand. She took a culture and I won't know till Monday if I have herpes. She showed me in a mirror the area she thought could be a herpes outbreak, but the skin just looked red, I didn't see bumps or sores. She gave me a weeks worth of Acyclovir, which makes me think she feels sure I have it, just going through the motions of the test.


I'm 28 years old and this new boyfriend is my 5th partner. I've always thought of myself as careful about sex, but I know these two diseases aren't always prevented with condoms. I told him about the possible herpes last night, and I don't expect to see him again. Four days ago we were joking about what you're supposed to do on Valentine's Day when it lands right at the beginning of a relationship. I guess that problem is solved!


I started the acyclovir and medicine for the BV yesterday morning, and today my vagina feels almost normal and healthy again. Pretty drastic difference from yesterday. I just don't know what to think. My crotch felt like ground zero for three days, I was told I have 4 different infections at the same time, and now I feel normal. Overnight. Is it this complicated for everyone??


Thanks for reading.



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Welcome, Hannah. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but you are in the right place for support. I cannot say that this is an easy situation to be in, but keeping perspective is essential. There are so many of us normal, loving, kind, interesting human beings who share this boat together. Reading the threads on this forum has helped me immensely. Hugs for you and please check back in soon with an update.

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Thanks, Atlanic. Today is a new day. I'm still really confused, but you can only cry and have a pity party for so long. I'm in regroup mode. The new boyfriend has run for the hills. I know he's freaked out because I am too, but I wish he could see that it could have easily happened the other way around.

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My heart goes out to you. That's a lot of information to process, and I really acknowledge you for coming here to talk about it. It absolutely could have happened the other way around, and who knows.. maybe it did? There's a possibility that he had HPV without knowing it and gave it to you. It's crazy that it's estimated 80% of people in America have HPV.


And about the herpes- when I had my 1st outbreak, it was really painful for weeks. I'm glad that your pain is going away. My practitioner took 1 look and knew exactly what it was. I examined myself a couple times and saw nooo red bumps or blisters. I was SHOCKED when she told me it was herpes. Also- when she took the culture, it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I'm wondering what that experience was like for you. Please keep us posted. I will say a prayer for a clean bill of health for you.

Even if it does come back positive though, it's really not the end of the world. I've had it for 10 months now and I'm living my life, doing all of the things I would normally do. It took some time to process it, but once I did, it's become a very minor thing in my life.


Sending lots of love,



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Hi Hannah...sending a huge hug and yes today is a new day :-). I know how your emotions will be all over the place right now (I so remember it!) And I had the bag of H

gifts too....and for a few months after diagnosis. It's not easy having all four, it's like your body has been taken over aye?!!! But it does get better and I haven't had the thrush or BV since I stopped having the continuous first episode (mostly symptom free now - apart from the odd small episode - for the last 10 months!). Your body just takes time to adjust...the HPV settled down too (it recurred after 26 years with my first episode!). So just nurture yourself while everything settles down and know it definitely does get better!

As for the new boyfriend...let him run. H is great for weeding out the unsuitables. He is just as likely to have given it to you and the fact he hasn't considered that and helped support you going through this - well what can I say? H is like an insurance policy to get the best person...anyone who freaks out and disappears isn't the best person for you. You will meet people who don't...I was one, it's how I got herpes (HPV was from a cheating husband). And I have met many men who don't - have just met a special one recently and its all going beautifully.

Good girl for ditching the pity party (although we all go there from time to time ;-) ). Life is too short to waste on feeling sad...there is so much to do and see and people to meet. Get out there and do things you love with people you love and the H's will seem less important. You are the same gorgeous person with or without H's!!! :-) xx

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Thank you Katie and Lelani, I'm really glad I found this site at the right time. Y'all are such warm and reassuring people. I called PP today and they said the culture came back negative, but that I should get a blood test to make sure. Katie- when she took the culture I didn't feel anything at all, but she seemed sure enough it was herpes that she gave me acyclovir. I think Planned Parenthood is a very important establishment in our culture, and we women without insurance would be pretty screwed without it, but this week I feel a little lost in the shuffle. I got a blood test when I went on Wednesday and they left herpes out of it because of the culture, now they say I should get another blood test because the culture might not be accurate. It's like a riddle! Even though it's not definitive, I feel better with the results I got today and I think I can stop obsessing about it while waiting for future results. Anyway, I want to thank y'all for being there for people like me who are feeling all upside down and inside out! Truly a blessing.



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