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Help, Oral Herpes Question...again

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I've been getting little cuts in my mouth for about two weeks now. One here, one there, it would heal in a day. Then, as posted previously posted, I got a bump on my lip. No prodrome, no blisters, just a bump. A literal bump. I posted a discussion about it and everyone said it was probably nothing so I chalked it up to my lips being chapped and it healing. Then I get a cut on my tongue. Its been here for a day, healing. But now, yesterday morning, I woke up with a weird taste in my mouth along a piece of my gum line. I ran my tongue across it, didn't hurt. It was fine. I looked in the mirror today and it *looks* like its healing. Its mostly a white patch with a red part in the middle that runs into my gum line. Feels rough, doesn't hurt. Don't know its even there until I touch it. Could it be HSV1? I started googling (bad idea, I know) and saw intraoral herpes. Kinda looks like what I have but not really. I go to the doctor tomorrow but I'm scared it'll heal before I can get a swab.


(Its confirmed via culture swab I have HSV2 BUT my blood work came back negative for both, infection too early. The guy I got it from, HSV2. I gave him unprotected oral sex a week after the encounter that I'm 95% sure gave me the virus. I don't want to have HSV1 and not know it because that is much easier to spread, something I do not want to do. )

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In your blood, did they test you for HSV 1 as well? There's a chance you may have to wait till you hit a minimum 3 months, to get your blood drawn.


When I was first infected w oral HSV 1, I didn't breakout on the outaide of my mouth at all. I broke out BAD inside my mouth. I had ulcers on my tongue and all on my cheeks. I remember I had one the size of a quarter on my cheek that my teeth kept rubbing on and it hurt so freaking bad. I also got very worn down and tired, like I did w HSV 2, but not as extreme as my HSV 2 infection.


What does the bump in your lip look like now? Can you show me a pic of the other things going on, like the cuts?

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The bump went down. Barely here anymore. Never amounted to anything. The cuts in my mouth are fully healed now so I can't get a picture now but it wasn't like you said yours was so again, I think I'm overthinking everything. I keep thinking I contracted HIV along w herpes so I'm looking at every little thing that happens to me

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Well, the bump *could* be the HSV2 .... I sometimes get them that way... are you getting a lot of exposure to sun? That can flare oral H up. Also certain foods will blow up oral H too. And you may never know....


But I'm thinking you may have a yeast infection/thrush issue. Get some REAL yogurt (preferably locally produced with live cultures) and then take few bites several times a day. If it clears right up, that's your issue :)


If not, at least your guts will be happier :)

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