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New ecperimental drug

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Yes and it infuriates me, because I believe the FDA is holding the trials back, because it will be the answer for us. I even read a blog w one of the trial participates. I do not get focused in this stuff, nor do I bring it up here, because it stirs unnecessary emotions in the newly diagnosed and makes them feel hopeful and then angry.


The saftwy concerns were completely erroneous. The human trials, not one person had negative side effects and the dise was 75mlg. Back from the animal trials, they gave chimps 20xs the dose if the humans and some developed anemia or something not life threatening at all. It was complete bullshit and I think the FDA shut it down, because of big pharma.

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I think it's more political than sqftey. Have you seen the Dallas fighters Club? It's a true story and very sad. The FDA knew this drug that didn't work for cancer patients and was killing them, didn't work for HIV patients either and was killing them even faster. Yet they legalized it and did everything they could to stop a natural serum that grows from a plant in Mexico, that improves their quality of life, from coming into the states. So I don't believe in the FDA at all. They are bought and sold by big pharma. Pot is illegal, yet oxytocin who kills more people a year than any other stuff or alcohol is completely legal.. I don't trust them for a second. It may have started from a lesson learned, but turned into a big corrupt money making machine.

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I agree about the FDA - but remember that they can take these drugs to other countries to prove their efficacy and safety too ... sadly no other country has developed anything useful either.


This virus is a tricky little bastard and while it does cause many a lot of angst, it doesn't kill you... so pretty much everywhere around the world, it's not considered a huge priority to put millions into R&D for a cure.... even though 3/4 of the worlds population has one type or the other :(


This is the article about the "safety" test that caused them to stop the program ... and yes, it's ridiculous ....


http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/819306 Pritelivir and the 900x/dose trial


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