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Bacterial vaginosis over and over

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I recently got diagnosed with herpes. I believe I contracted it last year when I had my first outbreak. I slept with an NFL player, we used condoms but I still somehow contracted it. (I should have known better). I got tested after and everything came back negative so I continued on with life. 6 months ago I had a severe outbreak and went to the doctor. I tested positive for hsv2.


Ever since the severe outbreak, my vagina is completely different. I am just trying to understand what is going on down there. I'm on acyclovir btw. Maybe this is causing the change?


The opening of my vagina always looks inflamed, I think it's scaring from the outbreak? I'm not sure


I also keep getting bacterial vaginosis. This is my 3 time in 6 months which I had never gotten before!?




Is this normal? What's going on. I feel like my vagina is completely foreign to me now.

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I have read that hsv may make you more vulnerable to some bacteria. I struggled with what i thought was bv for years, turned out it was hsv all along.

Take a good probiotic for vaginal health. This is the most important thing. I use phemdophillus which my doc recommended. I also have to clean things out after sex as seamen changis the ph, which also makes yiu vulnerable. I use something called waterworks you can get on amazon. I fill with 3/4 water and 1/4 hydrogen peroxide to get the sperm out.

Be sure and get regular cultures taken so you dont get confused about whats what. You really need antibiotics to clear bv. It can go untreated if you confuse it for hsv.

Be sure they do a full panel. They have found both klebsiella phenomonia and ecoli in my vagina. These dont show up on the standard labs your gyn runs and are treated with a different class of antibiotics. They left me red and irritated as you describe.


I hope this helps

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Many make the assumption that recurrent itching and infections are bv or yeast and it was herpes the entire time. Are you having a fishy smell? Also, I recommend starting a daily probiotic and also inserting acidophiles supplements in your vagina.


It takes time to feel normal al again after a severe OB. Are you in your late 20s or older?


Did you know he had herpes BTW?

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@littlebitlost I had the same issue before my primary herpes ob. If you are sleeping with someone have them treated as they can be giving it back to you. Remember all dicks are dirty. For a year and half I had constant bv infections, we broke up and the infections stopped. Imagine that! So have him wear condom. Replenish makes a great probotic plus their insert to balance ph. Sometimes doing too mu h can throw things off as well. Dont allow a finger touch you below with out washing first and no back door to front door play.

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It's true - if you are continuing to have sex with someone and you have fungal/BV, THEY need to be treated too or they will just keep giving it back to you.


And to answer the original question:


Odds are that the irritation from HSV is making it easier for the BV to return. I agree, add probiotics, and also, do lots of Epsom Salts baths and get the water up inside the area as much as you can - the salt will help to knock the bacteria down :)

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Hi everyone!


Thank you so much for all the info. when I contracted herpes, I'm not sure if he knew that he had it. then I went and a blood test that came back negative so I thought that I was fine.THEN 6 months later I had the severe ob where they took a culture and confirmed its hsv 2.


I'm 25. The guy I'm seeing now isn't being treated for the bv He may be passing it back and forth to me!? I do have a fishy smell that is very strong when I have sex. I'm just so tired of getting and it coming back. I take acipholies and I eat lost of yogurt in an attempt to control it.


I'll try the Epsom salt baths, they helped so much during my ob


I just feel lost like my vagina will never be normal again :(

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Take it from someone who was cleared after her husband was treated... men CAN carry it... they just are not AFFECTED by it:




What causes this bacterial imbalance isn't exactly known, but there seems to be some evidence that it can be a sexually transmitted disease. "We know that women who have multiple sexual partners or women who have a new sexual partner are at a higher risk of getting bacterial vaginosis,” says Jennifer A. Shuford, MD, MPH, director of applied science at the Medical Institute for Sexual Health in Austin, Tex. " Male sexual partners of these women carry these bacteria in the penis, so there is evidence of sexual exchange."


But, says Dr. Shuford, sexual contact is not the only method of infection. "Women who have had no sexual contact their whole lives can still get bacterial vaginosis."




"Males may harbor these bacteria with no obvious symptoms. Consistent use of condoms, after treatment, may help to prevent reinfection"


Point being, if you are in a relationship and you get multiple BV infections, it won't hurt to try to treat the partner because it is *possible* they are carrying it and passing it back.... AND ... it may well be that there is something else going on... including a mild reactivity/allergy to the man's semen, the condoms used, or something physiological in the woman's body itself (diet, PH level being out of whack, etc).

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BV stands for Bacterial Vaginosis ... it IS a bacteria ... an out-of-whack pH level makes it easier for it to establish for sure, but the bacteria can live asymptomatically in the guys urethra ...


And one of the links I pointed to said that it's their opinion that BV *could* be considered an STI .... in fact, it's listed under STD's on the CDC website.

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