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Round 2 herpes outbreak

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and that I'm new to the "family."  I was diagnosed a few weeks ago when I had my first outbreak.  It was awful; fever of 102, flu like symptoms, terrible sores.  After everything calmed down, I felt like things could get back to normal and I would be ok.

However, today, less than a month from my first outbreak, round two is starting up.  I went to the doctor and he put me back on Valtrex for several days and told me he wanted me on suppressive therapy for a while until my immune system gets a handle on things.

I knew going into this to expect outbreaks and I thought I was mentally prepared for it, but to have an outbreak after recovering from one so soon...its just exhausting.  Emotionally exhausting.

I'm not depressed or suicidal or anything like that, but there were several times today I kept saying to myself, "I dunno if I can do this."  Has anyone else ever been there?  And the questions keep bouncing around my head: does this mean I'm gonna have outbreaks like this so frequently the rest of my life?  How can you have a normal life under these conditions?

I wanted to thank everyone who contributes to the forum...reading your messages has helped me see that life can go on and that maybe one day things will get better.  I suppose just getting to that point takes time.

Hello again...and thanks for all you do.  You have no idea how much you help...
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Hi sweetie, all I can say is I feel your pain!  When my first outbreak came on it lasted a week and a half, not to mention I also had chlamydia and a yeast infection (I know so terrible). Then a month later I got a second one.  :( The physical side really takes its toll on you, like will I ever feel normal again?  What I did, and consult the doc, but I upped my dosage of valtrex in this time, and then just stayed on it for the first few months.  That helped me from getting any more outbreaks right away.  Since then I've been able to keep it much more under control, your body is just trying to keep up and from the sounds of it the virus is just man handling your right now! Poor thing.  Here are some things that help me. :)

1. Cool baths, cool showers.  I know it's winter and doesnt sound all that appealing but it does help get your body temp down, and can also feel soothing to the outbreak. 

2. Can you ask your doc for topical lidocain? It is just a numbing gel, but man! It does wonders, I would use it before bed to help me sleep. (I was able to get this prescription just over the phone from my doc)

3. Cool setting on your blow dryer = BEST THING EVAAA! Use that every time you shower, take a bath, or even go to the bathroom to keep things as cool and dry as possible. ( Could not possibly more opposite of what is natural down there. ) 

4. Lysine vitamins! 

5. Only wear cotton or no underwear, no restrictive clothing which I'm sure you figured out, again just helps things breathe.  

6. Water water water drink drink drink!


Remember, this too shall pass, its really frustrating I know and takes a lot out of you.  Watch funny movies, and listen to music LOUD.  Keep your mood up as best you can and avoid caffeine and alcohol.  You can and will do this.  You will get a handle on this, everyone's experience is different but research shows the outbreaks decrease over time.  :) You're doing GREAT by reaching out, kudos to you!  Keep the faith and remember that it WILL get better. Hope this helps!!Elle

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Yes welcome to the family, lovely. I have to say this little H family here is gorgeous and I love checking in to see who has written. Everyone is so open and positive (even when ranting – sometimes it's good to do it and we all understand). I have had a longggggggg series of outbreaks since last September and have finally had three weeks of feeling normal again. It was a bit depressing at times thinking it would go on forever. I am not on medication, just eating healthy (cut out sugar and eat mostly raw foods, and take lysine, vitamin C, zinc and olive leaf extract) . Every day I smooth a pure virgin coconut oil around my vagina and with an outbreak I add Manuka oil to it for healing. 

I do things I love and concentrate on my family and friends and being the best person I can be. Make sure you pamper yourself and do things that make you happy. There are so many other awful things we could have that make our lives challenging. Your body will start to get a grip on H soon, stay positive and imagine every day that you are healthy. I say affirmations every day and really feel in my heart that I am healed when I say them.... 

"My body is powerful and its healing powers keep my viruses dormant" (I have both HSV2 and high risk HPV) 

"I am strong and healthy and I enjoy my sexuality" 

I think saying these everyday really helps – makes me focus on being healthy and trusting my body to heal itself. I was given 6 months to live when I was 23 and used affirmations to help me heal. Against all odds and using only natural therapies I got well – I know i can do it again and we all can with the right attitude and being kind to ourselves. 

It does get better and you have us to help you whenever you need it. ElleMN you have such a great attitude too - have loved reading your comments! A hug to you both :-). xx

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Thanks for reaching out, Atraju! I love it that Lelani and Elle jumped in with such specific feedback. Very good to have such supportive women on this site who have been through the healing process. AND keep in mind that as time goes on, your body is getting better and better at building up immunity to the herpes virus (so great excuse to get and stay physically healthy!). At the beginning, it may feel like you'll be having these crazy herpes outbreaks every other day for the rest of your life, but after having herpes for six months to a year, the vast majority of cases settle down to be only a few outbreaks per year (and the severity tends to calm down, too). Hang in there and take care of yourself. Sounds like you're doing a good job of that already. Group hug! We're here for you.


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I love Lelani's points about all natural.  I want to say I too, do not take any medications for my H virus.  As I've been able to keep it under control with other methods as well! (I cook with coconut oil.).)

You will find this to be a great reason as Adrial said, to keep your stress under control, and be physically healthier!  Keep the faith that things can and will get better as time goes on!  You are under a lot of stress so it is not surprising that you're having a second outbreak, and your body is just having a heck of a time keeping up.  
I'm so glad we can all be here for you!  Just ask, anything you need.  Side note, I call my friends who have H my "super hero" friends. Because we all have a "special" power. :) 
I know..cheesy, but it may make you smile!
Keep us updated on how you are feeling, there is also a forum post on other natural remedies for H, check that out! You're doing great.
You got this!
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hi I was just diagnosed last week with Hsv2. and today which is one week later I'm feeling back to normal. I have learned a lot from this group, just haven't posted anything. thank you for all your information. the Lidoecain at 5% ointment was a Godsend and so was the Vicoden for pain. the E.R. doctor and my family doctor said not to use the Benzocain stuff because it wasn't ment for treating ulcers of herpes. just wanted to warn everyone to not waste there money thinking its the same produce.

I have also learned about going Gluten-Free diet in addition to the Lysine vitames.

which has seemed to help greatly.

I do have to say the pain was beyond belief, I missed a week of work and I'm terrified of the next outbreak.

I do have a question...... my husband has it also. he had the blisters for like 7+ months they never erupted or caused pain to him like mine did. he had them all over his groin area and around his Mons Pubis none on his penis. they finally went away by the time I had my first outbreak. or even closer when we got married a month ago. is this normal for guys with herpes? could someone answer? thank you for your reply.


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