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Valtrex and condoms for real or selling point

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In my case, condoms and now valtrex seem to keep my 30 years of having hv2 and not passing it on a reality. Can't help but wonder though how accurate the valtrex viral spread studies are since they are obviously making money due to sales. Just a thought! Really new to this forum and have loads of questions :)

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Not sure what your question is but yes, Valtrex does slow down the shedding loads and thus reduces the chance of passing H on. I'm not a big pill popper and I only take it when I'm in a relationship but I do use them to protect my partner.


Condoms only give you 50% protection... and that's because you can be shedding anywhere, and if your OB's were outside the vagina (or outside the area of condom coverage on the penis for a guy) then of course they are useless (if anything they are more protection for a guy because it at least keeps their area of contact away from the penis... for women the virus could get into the vagina anyway unless you use the Female Condom which gives you more protection).


Given that you have had H for 30 yrs and not passed it on with the use of Valtrex and condoms, I'd say that this backs up the fact that the combination is pretty successful. Over that time if you were reasonably sexually active, your odds for passing it on would be reasonably high if you didn't use condoms and valtrex. :)

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I'm skeptical too of the studies where a tiny percentage of couples are using Valtrex, condoms, and no breakouts, but are still somehow passing it on. It's as if they are trying to keep the stigma alive.


I've had three medical professionals tell me that it is virtually impossible to pass it on if you are taking meds, using using condoms, and not having breakouts.


I also know people who were married to someone with herpes and didn't get it from them even without Valtrex going raw. And someone whose ex-wife was on Valtrex and they humped her raw for few years and didn't get it.


Things that make you go hmmmmmmn..



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Sooo much goes into the virus being passed on.


Location of the OB/main shedding area. If you get OB's on your butt cheek, you can avoid that area as long as you don't go doggie style. If the guy gets his on his penis, a condom would reduce the risk of viral loads being large enough to pass to the other partner.


How vigorous your sex is (really rough sex is more likely to cause micro-tears that can make an entryway for H)


Shaving (more likely to cause mild rashes/nicks that allow the virus in and a full buck is more likely to keep your skin from making contact with the other person's skin)


Shedding RATE: which you will never know how much that is - but if YOUR immune system is strong, odds are you are not shedding much when you shed ... or shedding as often. The AMOUNT you shed will affect the risk of the other person getting it. Odds are most people have been exposed to H many times and didn't get it because the viral load that they picked up was small enough for their system to kill it off before it established....


Immune system strength of the H- partner.


Frequency of sex


Your sex practices - if you have HSV2 and you love giving and receiving oral then odds are you won't be as likely to pass it on


How well the H+ partner monitors their body. I have had several long term H- partners. I was VERY careful to avoid sex if I had ANYTHING going on down there that was questionable... if we wanted to get freaky, we found a way to play that avoided skin to skin contact with that area. To be honest, it sorta forces you to keep things fresh and always looking for new ways to play :)


Possibly DNA - 1% of all people have a gene that keeps them from getting HIV - I would bet that there's a similar variant gene for HSV


Possibly the strain that you have.... I don't know if there are studies on this but assuming that there are some "stronger" strains, I expect that some people would be shedding more or would have a "stronger" virus.


How long you have had H. I'm 35+ yrs. I don't have OB's hardly at all now. They say that shedding is worst the first year or so..... I'd say that could be more likely several years. I got a lot of OB's for the first 5-10 yrs. After that it started to settle down..... every year my OB's were less frequent and less severe. Today I can knock it right down with a pill and some Alum if I hit it within 24 hrs of the first sign.


Dumb luck. We don't know when or how much we are shedding. Or the exact status of our partners immune system.





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If you are on Valtrex, how long after you have an outbreak are you highly contagious?


Does Valtrex even affect that time period or intensity?


Also, is it possible to the difference between an outbreak and other rash causing things like vigorous sex or condoms being too tight and making friction or whatever?

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