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Exhausted trying to get diagnosis and help for symptoms

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Hi everyone,


What a wonderful supportive community.


I know you can't help diagnose but I wanted advice on some recent symptoms which my GP refused to swab or really acknowledge.


First things first I have been exposed to HSV2, my expartner was diagnosed while I was in my third trimester of pregnancy. Very scary time as very dangerous time to acquire the virus. He was diagnosed via swab and also gets mouth cold sores. I was blood tested rebut my during pregnancy and showed positive for type 1 (which I new was preexisting for many years) but negative for type 2. Our relationship was already rocky but after I had my daughter and got all clear we started having sex again with condoms. My now expartner said many times he wished I had the virus so he didn't have to use condoms. During the next six months I developed itchy symptoms and was diagnosed with vulvar dermatitis which I use cortisone ointment when it flares. I have been referred to a specialist to try to sort it all out. I have been swabbed numerous times during this time which was always negative. Anyhow, sadly we have broken up and I have had some strange symptoms which get worse around my cycle. Most recently the strangest. I had a area on one side of labia crease that was a bit sore for a day, then it started to feel like skin crawling and some throbbing in my left labia. I had been using a herbal Clove and coconut oil on my skin a few days prior to symptoms it was stinging after application. I stopped using that straight away. I applied my cortisone ointment after a salt bath and it took all the symptoms down a notch and crawling sensation went away. I went to GP she said only thing she could see was a 1.5cm skin crack (which I thought was a skin wrinkle on edge of labia) she said nothing to swab it has healed. I walked away feeling worried, checked with mirror when I got home and it didn't look like the skin had broken between the crease but it was a bit sore to touch. I stopped using cortisone in case it was making it worse. I then googled and found out this could be atypical herpes. I have also been suffering thrush as recently stopped breastfeeding. I also lost lots of weight after break up so body is not in a very healthy condition.


What is your opinion? What do herpes fissures present like? This looks more like a deep crease between two skin folds. I am not really sure if it's a new thing or if it was already there. Since I stopped using cortisone it is itchy, stings a bit with strong urine. Could the clove oil crack the skin?


I see a vulvar specialist next week.


Thanks Exhausted

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, it *could* be Herpes fissure, it *could* be yeast infection, and it *could* be that the clove stuff irritated your skin.


I'd say go to another OBGYN or Planned Parenthood, get a blood test and if you have a fissure, a swab. If you are over 4 months post exposure to the ex, then the blood test should be reasonably accurate.


Given you said you have thrush, and that the cortisone helped a bit, I'm going to guess that you may well have a yeast infection. Have you tried the OTC stuff for yeast?



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Thanks for your reply.


The cortisone is mostly for external use on labia majora, thrush is inside vagina. I can't use creams for the thrush because of skin aggravation I did use a thrush tablet three weeks ago and had three weeks relief, until my next period.


Unfortunately I am in Australia and they don't do blood testing for HSV. They did it during pregnancy because they reasoned it was essential. I have asked Doctors and very good clinic in the city I was living in and they said no. I am now living in small town which has limited facilities. I am booked to see an alternative GP tonight and hope he will do the blood test. Other than that only hope is the specialist next week which is in a city again. I can't understand why they don't test, it makes life so stressful and I feel like I can't move on. I have suffered so much grief in the past year. I need energy to be a good Mum and I am just so mentally and physically drained.

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I lived in the UK and I know what it's like to deal with a system that has protocols that don't always make sense.... AND I learned that sometimes you have to pitch a fit to get things done the way they need to be done. So be ready to take a stand for yourself. Hopefully the alternative Dr will get the test for you.


The fissures are usually like papercuts .... but like all things "herpes", there are many atypical ways that they present.... and yeast can cause the same kinds of fissures/papercuts. Which is why you need someone who is willing to look at ALL options.


If you got relief from the Thrush tablet, it may still be thrush and you may just have to attack it more aggressively.... also, get onto a Probiotic ( get a GOOD one) and start taking it asap - get off of sugar as much as possible while you are trying to clear it up. Candida (aka Thrush) thrives with diets that are high in sugar, esp once the system is off kilter. You may need to take it several times a day and the alternative Dr may even give you probiotic suppositories to try. Right now, I'm putting my money on it being Thrush... but best to get blood tested seeing as you have been exposed to someone with H....

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A herpes fissure will present itself as a fissure with the definition that it is simply a rip or tear in the skin, what makes it a herpes fissure is that herpes cause the skin to tear. Keep in mind that Herpes is a nerve disease that presents itself on the surface of the skin. So all those weird tingles could be herpes.


I do not know about the health care laws in Australia but in the US as long as you find a doctor who will draw the blood and if need be the money to pay for it they'll test.


Words of advice; first your baby was born healthy. Even with hsv1 that strain of the virus can locate it's self to the nether regions if you and your ex were into oral sex. With that said, you had no complications from having hsv1 or possibly hsv2 during childbirth. That in its self is something to rejoice in. Second, if it is herpes 2 IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I promise. I had the herpes outbreak from hell, my ob/gyn stated I had a raging case of herpes and I'm still here. I had every typical and atypical symptom of herpes one could possibly have and I'm fine today and I'll be fine tomorrow. You will be too. Go see if you can get a diagnosis, a blood test after the 4 month mark will be a accurate.

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Thanks for your advice, you are so generous with your time.


This Doc helped me through a tough illness some years ago so hoping he will get me back on track again. He also does acupuncture. It is time to start looking after myself again, so hard when your a new Mum. I am taking good fish oil, Vitamin C and a multi. Will start some probiotics today.


Will keep you posted.

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Remember herpes is a nerve disease and if you're stressed or tried and for some people feeling under the weather that can lead to a outbreak. The best way to keep herpes in check is to have your immune system in top gear. Eat right, exercise and relax.


My body felt so weird for months after my first OB. Took my body 6 months to feel normal again and I was getting tingles too. If you get a answer from a doctor that it is hsv2 go on the suppressive treatment for a couple of months and see how you feel. It did my body wonders.


And don't worry, it's what we're here for.

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Mine always seem to start this way. I get what looks like cuts that worsen over a few days to look like big canker sores. I had a yeast infection and my first outbreak last month and it was a horrible combination; get any possible yeast under control asap.

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Whatever happens, you will be fine. We are here to help you with getting through the next weeks and months whatever happens. And remember, many of us here have had this a LONG time and life goes on for us... and many who have had it less time have found love - often FAR better than anything they have experienced.



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Hi, I just wanted to update that my blood test returned a negative result. The specialist confirmed dermatitis, prescribed a strong cortisone ointment for a month, if no improvement I will have to return for allergy patch testing. It's been a long few months to get a diagnosis. Thank you again for the wonderful support. X

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