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Oh boy someone likes me and I like them! Need advice

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Ok so there's this guy I like and he really likes me. We're getting to know each other still. I have Hsv2... How do I do this? When and how? I'm really scared. This is the first time since I been diagnosed a couple months ago, and I'm just scared. Any advice would help.

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Have you downloaded the ebook and handouts from Adrial? I believe that has suggestions. And watch the videos if you have the time. Some people suggest waiting and let them get to know you before disclosing. Some people say do it up front and that way if they leave, you aren't too invested. It really is up to you and varies in each situation. Before sex is my only suggestion lol. Good luck!

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I'm going to wait. But I didn't realize I could download stuff from this site. I'm just getting to know it. I did read some where it's best to get to know them first and get the feelings first. I don't think I should right now. We're just starting to really like each other, but I'm not jumping to sex or thinking about it yet with him. It's a scary thing. But I will at some point. I noticed a lot of people who have it then really get to know someone, usually the other person doesn't think it's a huge deal but to just be careful when it gets to that point. But I will read more. I for a while didn't want to even talk to any guy. Especially what happened to me with this. Excuse my language but the asshole was a scum bag and he so knew he had it and just didn't care. It was a careless mistake on my end making it really hard for me to trust anyone. It's sad.

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You can download things from the site! Look to the left and scroll. You'll see the link and the picture of Adrial. Also there are Herpes videos in the tab at the top of the screen. Look for the one that says "When to have the dreaded herpes talk". I agree that getting an STD makes it harder to trust the next person. But we can be proactive in that respect and ask for them to get tested before having sex. (Because sometimes people just don't know what they have).

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There is a little circle to the right of your response...if you click it there will be a drop down that says edit, you can click that and edit your response.

Lots of resource onsite as you know, timing of disclosure/disclosing is a personal choice

Good luck

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