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I am in complete shock..and denial. I've only had three partners and was never the girl that slept around. I realize that this does not matter but you never actually think that it could happen to you. So when I developed bumps that didn't even seem like this disease and I went to my gyno and she took a culture and it came back positive I was literally speechless. It took all I had standing in line at my pharmacy not to break down, especially when being handed my prescription for Valtrex. I am in a relationship and have discussed this with him and he was completely accepting and understanding which helps some but I still am so ashamed of myself and don't know how I'm going to deal with this. The past few days I've just kind of bottled up my feelings I'm not ready to accept the fact that I have Genital Herpes. I am not even sure if it is HSV 1 or 2 yet. They say your first outbreak is the worst but I honestly didn't even notice it hardly. So it worries me how future outbreaks will be, how many I will have, how this will affect my future. I just feel so alone in this.

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i feel you lil mama its hard as fuck i know....

when I got tha call tha girl was like so what you want suppressive or episodic im like uhhhhhh idk

she laughed and was like well one u take everyday for life tha other only when u have it but you can still spread it

i encourage u too go too google and put in herpblr then its tumblr but these girls that have it but basically be G with it lol...im hoping your around my age group otherwise you might interpret thaat strange like "omg they have Gonnoraea also!!??"

but its lotta ppl on here that are real nice and coo

they say when u tell tha truth u shame tha devil...you already told yo man and he coo with it...thas a major PLUS....you on here ventin...thas another one (Dj khaled voice)

go head and break down...and repeat...u got to grieve shorty its just how it is...u bottle that shit up u gonna explode...i got holes in my walls and scars on my knuckles from that...

so breathe and research...stigma is overblown...ive met a couple a coo ppl on here and u forget u onna herpes forum lol

seriously tho check out that herpblr i look at it sometiems but its like alllll girls and then one gay dude so yea only so much girl power i can take aha but i think its a good place for u to start! =)

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I agree that is an interesting blog lol. Thank you for your kind words... still trying to accept the fact that I'll have this for the rest of my life. I'm trying to think positive thoughts many people have conditions such as diabetes, crohns, etc that they have to live with so I guess herpes isn't anything different. I never realized how common it is until now.

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Don't bottle up those feelings!!!! Let them out!! Cry, be sad, confused, angry. I'm so tired of misplacing my own feels thinking that what I feel at the moment is irrelevant. You matter. So don't ignore the fact that you're feeling frustrated or confused or bitter. Just be that. And don't let it consume you.

Chron's and diabetes is definitely different, but in terms of something life long... Yes.

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