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Really curious about incubation period

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This has always been a curiosity of mine even though I've had this 35 yrs. What is the average incubation period from time of transmission to actual symptoms? In my case it was 5 days later, but I've read so many conflicting stats. If I was new to this these days I would be totally confused by "too much info" vs not enough back in the day. I read the other day that it's between 4 and 10 days with 90% of people showing symptoms on day 10. Then I've seen 2 to 20 days, 7 to 10 and then of course some people never show symptoms ugh!!! What is the average incubation period or is there such a thing??

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2-21 days is what I understand it to be. I'm sure the egghead numbers people could probably break it down further than that. The 2-21 days may be a broad range. Most people that show symptoms probably show before 10 days would be my guess. Most people I've seen post in here seem to get symptoms in the first 10 days. Anecdotal evidence, but that seems to be the case.

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My doctor told me it was 2-10 days. I showed symptoms in 2 days. I was also told that the first outbreak is the worst one, and with how severe mine was, I had just contracted it (HSV 2). However, I've seen posts on here that say someone was asymptomatic, but positive, for 30 years, then had an outbreak. Which is it? My partner and I assumed he gave it to me, but could I have been asymptomatic for the 15 years I was sexually active before we were together?

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I've also read many stories where people are asymptomatic for years. Then you have those people that test positive and never have an outbreak. I'm wondering maybe if it has to do with your immune system/the sex you are having at the time of transmission. Or maybe their symptoms are just so mild they don't realize they are having an outbreak. (Like perhaps internal ones, or a simple bump that's explained away). Like Katidid said, there is no cut and dry answers, just "usually" this happens. But that doesn't mean always.

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