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Herpes suppressants in the UK?

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My GP kindly let me know that it is not UK policy to give suppressing medication except in extreme cases. As I've just been diagnosed with H I'm most likely looking forward to a year of rather frequent OBs. Yay. Anyone from the UK who has anything to say about this? Am I just unlucky with which doctor I ended up with (she had to check it up in her little book, as she had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER about the recommendations for H medication), or have you had the same experience?

I want something to keep this virus silent, sleepy and out of the way! :-O

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Hi i am german but i live in Spain, the doctor need to give you always a medical recipe if you have a cronical disease, i dont think that there is any diffrence in UK.I think this doctor have no knowlege at all,please go to a diffrent one.

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Wow that is horrible! See another doctor. In the meantime, try looking online for natural alternatives. I'm not an expert on this, but eating well and maintaining your immune system, looking after your physical and emotional health, etc. can help. There are natural supplements that are said to help, as well as certain food choices. I havn't done any alternative therapies yet, but let me know if you find something that works!



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I'll see another doctor back in my country. Hopefully they have a better policy.

I went to the GUM clinic for some other problems that I think are related to herpes (bleeding after sex, every time - apparently due to an irritated cervix, although they don't know why THAT is..), and they said that 'at this hospital we do not even treat recurrences with medication. Nope'.

I'm clearly not in luck with my doctors, but on the other hand I will hopefully never need treatment.


I'm really scared of getting a new OB though. I'm doing a pretty difficult degree, and I've already spent the first half of this term being ill due to herpes (and after that a really bad cold, which I assume I got because my immune system was too tired to care). I just don't have TIME to deal with the physical part of herpes, and much less the emotional chaos it comes with. :/

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