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It’s been 2.5 months. Prodrome? No one ever replis to my threads

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I have no outbreak that I can see, but I have constant creepy crawly feelings and tingly randomness as well as dull aches. This happens even when I’m valtrex at the gram per day for ten days dose. My doctor is an idiot and hasn’t even told me about daily suppressive dosing. What do I do? I’ve lost 20 lbs. and I was already skinny . My immune system is hampered from Lyme disease already. Help.

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Well, let me start by saying you might want to get your Dr to switch you to Acyclovir. I started on valtex and it caused constant prodrome symptoms which I had never experienced in the 35 years of having this. Acyclovir gives no such symptoms for me at all. Even though they are in the same family of drug, I had totally different reaction to both and I've read the same response from some other people. Hope this helps

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Hi there,


I have common prodome symptoms as well. Mine is more of a burning and uncomfortableness. Honestly nothing I’ve tried has worked 100%. I would say I noticed the biggest difference when I changed my diet about 6 days ago. Best diet information I’ve learned: Don’t eat nuts or anything containing nuts of any kind. Apparently viruses live off that stuff. Also, cutting out as much added sugar as you can. Viruses also feed off that. Foods with a high Lysine to Arginine ratio are good. Whole grains instead of white also helps.


I’m sorry you’re feeling bad. I know it really sucks. I keep trying to tell myself my body is just adjusting and soon it will be better.


Stay strong, we are here for you.

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Prodrome symptoms are the symptoms that @jdakota84 described above. They are the symptoms that often start before any visible outbreak appears. I’m in the same situation, since

mid February, just constant prodrome, with a few bad visible outbreaks. I really just view this as one long, crazy outbreak, since symptoms have been nonstop. Several times I thought things were improving, but I was wrong. I avoided nuts, chocolate, etc, took lysine, etc. Took tons of acyclovir, it did absolutely nothing. Now 1gram daily suppressive valtrex for the last month, which I will continue for a few more weeks, I guess? Yesterday I felt fine and now today I feel like I have shards of glass in my panties. I went four years before getting my second outbreak, and I’m confident that I will have another few years with zero symptoms, if I can just get this damn virus to go back into dormancy. Gyno claimed that sex is fine as long as blisters aren’t present, but the idea of sex (with uninflected partner) with these symptoms makes me feel pretty uncomfortable. Wishing the best for all of you who are going through the same thing.

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Thanks I want My husband to use a condom because I dobt Want him to get it! We never have sex when I have anything present! I have Never had blisters only a liaison about every six months in the same spot! My bigger problem is the irritation! I’m going to start taking lysine daily to see if that will help! I try to talk to someone daily because my nerves are bad! I have Aniexty and depression

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Ah, @mstanya123, a lesion is a blister- you can google and I promise, you will see herpes blisters and herpes lesions are the same thing. The ulcer that’s caused after a blister breaks is also considered a lesion. @mstanya123, maybe you aren’t noticing the blisters until after they break and become open sores- but lesions = blisters and broken blisters. Feel better.

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