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Too little information given at disclosure

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So starterd dating a guy and before we had sex I told him I have hsv1. I told him it was t type two and most people by our age have hsv1. I didn't tell him I have it genitally. We had sex a few days later and now I'm feeling guilty that maybe I should give him more stats and info. He did have three days to research it so..do I have another discussion with him???

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Even if it was just in your mouth you could pass it on to him via kissing or to his genitals by blowing him. It doesn't matter if it's on your vag or whatever.



Actually there's less of a chance of you passing hsv1 genital to genital then there would be if someone had oral hsv 1 and went down on someone else. And people do that all the time without even disclosing.youre fine I wouldn't make a big deal about it. If he's ever had a blowjob then he's had hsv1 on his dick already with a much higher rate of transmission then your situation.


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Yea it's strange that you aren't legally obligated to tell someone you have cold sores (herpes hsv1) on your mouth but if it's on your genitals that's another story even though it's less of a chance of passing it genital to genital than it is passing it mouth to mouth or mouth to genital. Total bullshit lack of logic.

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You already told him you have herpes so technically I don't think you have to tell him more than that.


At the same time, for the future, don't be afraid of disclosing. Also don't be afraid hsv 2. I have and do both of those things. Easy peasy and not a big deal.


It's more for you to get over having herpes to disclose almost. The more you are afraid of disclosing the more you are letting some bs stigma walk you around.


And in the future you might get hsv 2 but that's nothing like what it's cracked up to be. Most people don't get symptoms even.

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Good on you for disclosing! It is difficult sometimes, but always necessary.

For your question:

No, you don't need to follow up with him. Just remember that your conscience gave you some flak about how you disclosed, and find a way that won't cause that to happen next time.

You should not feel guilty about having consentual sex. You did give him time to think about it, and avoided using the moral loophole of the "heat of the moment", which you should be proud of!

In all reality, congratulations for your demonstration of responsibility and integrity! Don't beat yourself up too much!

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