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Just diagnosed in so much pain!

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I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes 3 days ago today is Day 3 of taking acyclovir 400mg 3/day and I have only had more pain. OTC pain medication is no longer helping and neither are baths. I can not go to the bathroom (pee or stool) without pain and I need relief. ER is not an option as my insurance will not cover it. I am taking 1000mg l-lysine 500mg vitamin C and 3 acyclovir daily along with using cortisone ointment topically. I am a week into this OB and beginning to crust over. Any other home remedies?

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None here... but you are doing all you can right now and just try to not let it get you down. I take Lysine also but am told for HSV2 it's not really an assist. Cortisone is not good - read up on steroids and HSV2.


I'm going on 3 months of discomfort with drugs, so I get it. I only got vaginally and very low grade, aside from constant burning and if I could go commando and wear a skirt 24/7 I would! Hang in there - soon I hope we both celebrating having some fine sex again with a fine partner :)


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I have stopped using cortisone and started using simple barriers such as vaseline. It hurts horribly to urinate do you guys have any secrets of how to pee without pain or should I just continue ripping apart toilet paper rolls trying to alleviate the pain

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Get vagisil wipes for the itch. Immediately. These have helped me tremendously. And a probiotics that specializes in vaginal health. It'll probably benefit a penis as well :p shit has calmed down so much since doing this and I haven't had an outbreak when they were constant.. And this is coming from somebody who has multiple autoimmune disorders. Still too afraid to have sex but I'm working on that part. :) I hope this helped

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I just recently had my first outbreak, it was horrific!! I also had pain during urination and trouble being able to go. I found relief with a warm water peri bottle. I would slowly squirt the water, that helped start the flow and relieved the burning. Felt like the wipes irritated my skin. I used cheap white wash clothes (then bleached with hot water) to blot, rather than wiping. My gynecologist recommended I use Preparation H with Lidocaine to help with the pain. I did so initially but felt like keeping the skin moist was slowing my healing. I also sat on ice packs!

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