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Healing or 2nd outbreak? Please help!

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Hi all!


So I was diagnosed with Herpes about 2 weeks ago. My first outbreak was HORRIFIC - couldn’t walk, couldn’t pee, all the flu symptoms and the pain OMG. I finished my round of Aciclovir about 1 week ago and I thought it had done the trick. All my sores had scabbed over and the pain was gone.

However the last 2-3 nights I’ve had the most intense itching down there that’s keeping me up at night (all around my vagina where the sores were, and my bum although I don’t think I had any sores there - sorry TMI) and I woke up this morning with what looks like another scab.


Is this part of the healing process? Or a sign of another outbreak? Please help!


Any advice on what this is/how to stop the itch would be really really REALLY helpful!


Thanks x

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  • 3 weeks later...

I’m wondering the same. I’m on day 6 of my first outbreak and my legs feel like they are on fire and have a bad sunburn. There is nothing there! Now this morning I woke up and on my thigh I have pin sized red dots all clustered! Not itchy or raised. I’m also not getting scabbing at all and it’s just disappearing it seems or just simply remaining an open sore. Then last night I noticed another cluster of blisters further out on my butt! I made a doctors appt for this afternoon because to me it seems at this point it should be healing... :(

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My symptoms are not as bad, but I am also experiencing ongoing itching/tingling after my first outbreak healed. Is this normal? And more importantly, will it go away???? I'm so nervous that it won't go away and I'll just never feel normal down there again. It's been about 2 weeks since my outbreak healed.

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It’s been about 3 weeks since my 1st outbreak healed now. Not long after this post the itching got better, I found regular salt baths (twice a day) & applying aloe Vera gel whenever things got bad helped @depressedhippo @lovinglife hope this might help you too. I’m still getting slight pain, I think nerve pain every now and then.


I’m worried about the same things, will this ever go back to normal? I’ve had sex a few times with my boyfriend but it’s painful - I just want to feel normal again :(

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@Abby137025 how did you know when the first outbreak had finally cleared? I'm still itching and I'm on day 9 I believe since I first noticed the red patch. I've been doing epsom salt baths once a day and using a blow dryer on a low setting to dry the area or just using a towel to pat dry and lie down under the fan. The tea tree oil 100% alleviates the pain and itching. Did you just get aloe vera gel for like sunburns or where did you get it? I'm sorry you're still having nerve pain. I started my period on like the first day of my outbreak and the cramps have been so bad this time. Now I have a yeast infection. Go figure. I'm with you though girl. We'll get through this.

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@despressedhippo Once all the blisters had cleared and the itching stopped is when I assumed it had all cleared, I won’t lie it took a long time - I think I’m 6 weeks now since I was first showed symptoms! I’ll definitely get tea tree oil to have on hand for next time. I just used normal aloe vera gel for sunburn I think the brand is called banana boat) put it in the fridge as well and it’s extra cooling. Ergh periods are bad enough without all this on top, stay strong though - we’ve got this

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@Abby137025 So it took about 6 weeks for all your symptoms to go away? And you said around 3 weeks after your outbreak healed? I just want to know there is hope that mine will get getter even though it's been about 4 weeks now of symptoms, 2 weeks since the outbreak healed... :(



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@lovinglife and @Abby137025 I read online that taking Vitamin C or Lysine supplements or eating Lysine rich foods can help your immune system battle and prevent outbreaks. Sleep is extremely important. Negative emotions and stress can weaken your immune system so definitely try to distract yourself as much as possible with other tasks that you can manage during the different stages of symptoms. For a couple days all I did was watch Netflix and bathe. I also spent a lot of time crying, but that's besides the point cx I was trying my best to take care of myself so that I would heal faster. Not all clear yet, but I feel that I've healed relatively fast considering my immune system is crap. Vitamin D is also very important to take daily. I think in order to prevent outbreaks we're just going to have to UP the self care to about 100 times what it was. Thank you so so much for tip about aloe vera gel.

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