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alil worried and need a woman who has children to help

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I'm 19 days late on my period. In my 2nd to last post ihad said that imight have passed herpes onto someone because ihad unprotected sex 3 times with him. Well since him ihavnt had sex and my period is now 19 days late and I'm freaking out.


Itook a test a week after my missed period and it was negative. Ihave really bad anxiety and I'm scared to get another OB because ijust ended one a week almost 2 weeks ago. Idont know what to do and I've been waking up sick in the mornings and have heartburn at night. my Bf keeps telling me ima get it soon but nothing at all have even hinted to me getting it and a week before my period was supposed to come I spotted just a tiny bit one night and that was it...can anyone help me :/

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This is definitely a case to seek advice through the medical channels. Do you have a regular doctor you see? We can't help you figure out what's going on without an actual checkup. But we are here for you for emotional support regardless of what you find out medically! We're her for you, SW!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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HI Sayywahtt,


if you pregnant you will anyway have to talk with you doctor about medication.I am not sure which antivirales you take but so far i know you shouldnt take valtrex if you pregnant,its to strong for the baby.whoopsie and adrial are right, get tested to see whats going on.I know its allways punch you in the face when you getting an outbreak,its so frustrating but you will go through this.Anyway i hope you dont get one :) hugs



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Here's some good news,

I was worried about if I'd be able to have kids, with the virus. I did some research and talked to my doctor. If you have had your first herpes outbreak BEFORE becoming pregnant there is a less than one % chance of passing it to maybe baby. Since I assume this is not your primary infection, if you are pregnant, the baby will be ok. If you experience out breaks during the last trimester of pregnancy then the doctor will put you on meds and most likely order a c section.

You'll make it through this and be ok. No matter what's going on. It is best to see you personal doctor to confirm the test results, if you don't feel comfortable going to your family doctor there are clinics and planned parenthood buildings around to help you.

hope this helps


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I would suggest you see a doctor because the medications they give for H is different if you are pregnant. I got pregnant and had my first OB at the same time. My doctor said the medications are different. For your safety (and your baby's safety too if you are pregnant, go see a doctor) :)

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