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Can you pass Genital HSV 1 through kissing?

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Hi @RaymondPlacido

Where you originally get herpes (in your case genitals) is the region of he body that herpes will tend to stay. Herpes tends to either stay in the base of the spine (for all below the waist infections) or at the top of the spine (for all oral infections). So if you only have symptoms below the waist, HSV doesn’t travel to the mouth from there unless you auto-inoculate, which is hard to do if you’ve had it for longer than 6 months or so since your body had built up immunity via antibodies.

(And FYI it sounds like what you’re referring to in your mouth are canker sores? Canker sores aren’t herpes.)

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You’ll only pass it would contact to the Area you have the outbreak if it’s your lip yes kissing can pass it when an outbreak present or you feel it coming on I would avoid kissing or sharing anything. If it’s below the waist kissing should not be an issue however during oral is an outbreak is coming on or present your partner can get it orally 

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Just reading through this thread and I’m a little confused. I got GHSV1 from my current boyfriend. He has OHSV1 and I’m finding out that he has had it for a minimum 2 years. Am I still at risk at getting OHSV from him? Is he at risk of getting GHSV from me, if we have unprotected sex?  

Or is it, because we both are already positive for HSV, we can’t really reinfect each other?

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