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Is this herpes? Wtf!

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I was diagnosed with HSV 2 in December I have a rash that pops up everywhere- half the time I don’t know if these are hsv bumps or hives and I’m absolutely miserable about a month and a half ago I got a rash and my forehead and it’s never gone away and has anyone else had an outbreak that look like this 



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Hi @Emmie17

Sorry, don't know what your outbreak might be.  From the pic, your skin looks pretty normal. Have you gone to the doctor? If you think it's hsv, then they might be able to swab test it to confirm or let you know what it really is. 

If it's not hsv, it might be that your immune system is so busy fighting the virus that it can't handle much more. Other things like allergies/hives can now get around your system and manifest symptoms that you never had before. I know if I have dairy now that I have hsv, I will get itchy, hive-like bumps that appear and disappear at random. I was sensitive to dairy before; it would give me eczema if I had too much, but the hive thing was new. It took a minute to put it together that dairy was the direct cause not hsv.

Some things to think about...

Good luck!!



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My acne has been worse since I was diagnosed with hsV2, my face has bumps all over but I think it’s due to the stress of dealing with it. Best option would be to go to the doctor to get it swabbed.


hope it clears up soon 

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It looks like a type of acne to me and not something to worry about. Sometimes you can get the closed whiteheads that aren’t inflamed like a pimple and they can stay that way for a long time. 


If you’re really concerned, try to get an appointment with a dermatologist. They would be the best to diagnose it for you. All the best. 

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