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First Outbreak Seems Never-ending Advice Please!

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So I came down with my primary HSV 2 outbreak about 3.5 weeks ago. It sucked as I’m sure most of you can relate to.

I had sores everywhere, vagina, anus, cervix, you name it. Full on flu symptoms, nerve pain in and around my butt, difficulty peeing, changes in bowel movements, extreme pain, etc. I was misdiagnosed with a UTI but they finally figured out it was herpes and put me on a ten day course of antivirals. Sores immediately started to clear and have been gone for about a week.

However, I still was experiencing some extreme itching, and nerve pain. Went back to my doc, have a yeast infection to boot, yay. I think the yeast infection is clearing but this morning I wake up with a fever and feel like I have the flu and am totally exhausted and just frustrated as all get out with my body. Nerves also still feel funky downstairs. No new sores, but still itchy and tingly. 

Has anyone had a similar experience and how long did it take for things to normalize after your initial breakout? I’m beginning to feel like things are never going to recover which yes, is dramatic, but I’m just frustrated and overwhelmed. Any advice, kind words, hopeful stories, please share!

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@Catsoutofthebag if you check old treads here you'll find many, many ppl with similar experiences.

the short answer is you'll go back to normal, the tricky part is that it all depends on your body and when it will it get a hold on the virus.

Sleep as much as you can so you give your body time to heal itself. Eat well and try to relax because stress does play a major role.. it´s like H smells stress and it freaks out too. Try breathing exercises or a yoga class.

Your itchiness and nerve pain may be related to swelling, so you can take ibuprofen for it. I took vitamin b as well because it helps the nervous system. It works much faster if you find inyectables, but for that you'll need a doctor's prescription.  

Since your body has been battling a virus and another infection for so long your immune system might be run down, so you could maybe try supplements and extra vitamins.

Hope you feel better soon! 


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I get what you are saying 100% I just had my initial outbreak almost a month a go and am just now finding relief from the itching and nerve pain. My foot is still numb on the bottom and my left Labia is still numb to a degree. My bottom still itches but not near what it had. I went a week without sleep bc my itching and it felt like I have restless leg syndrome! I can tell you what I have done to help and maybe you can try it too. I started taking baths in Epsom salt with about 10 drops of maleluca oil and peppermint. This helped a bit but I needed something else so I started putting oatmeal in the bath with only maleluca and pat drying for the itching and to help with the healing. This made me feel great until I was laying in bed a few hours later then the itching was back. I made my own salve (researched it a TON, really wanted to try lemon balm but the ordering process was longer than I could wait) it was melted coconut oil with the maleluca and peppermint oil mixed in. This was so helpful! (Peppermint is very strong so be careful not to use to much when you make it). I did take Tylenol and try ice with no change in my itching or pain. Best of luck to you I think nerves take the longest to heal and seem to be the most troublesome. Hopefully this helps you! 

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Also a lot of the time people will get two breakouts one after the other. Happens to me. U'll soon find out if that's something that regularly happens to u as well. If it is u can b prepared and take medication and vitamins or supplements before 2nd outbreak making it much less severe. 

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