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Why me, I can't handle this...What really happened

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My life is over. I'm freakin out.  I have little kids at home. I would hate myself even more if I give it to one of them. I've shut down completely.  Deleted all social media. Changedmy number gave up on school and quit my job. My dh took it well when I told but I don't believe he'll be here. He still wants to be with me and have kids but I'm pushing him away. I don't want to pass anything down to a innocent child. I have little kids that stay home with me. I'll hate myself even more if I give it to one of them. I'm thinking about ending my life 

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Hey I am feeling the same way too. I recently had an encounter and now I have some symptoms that indicate HSV. I am awaiting my blood test results. I am in relationship and don’t know how to tell my bf what I did and what I might have. He will be devastated. I don’t think that I have passed it to him because we have not had sex since that encounter. I am trying to avoid him but I don’t know how long I can do that. I am also thinking about ending life too but I have joined this group for support. You have come to the right place. Stay strong.

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@Loyalloulou and @Krissy,

Don't give up. Yes, the initial diagnosis is difficult to deal with, mostly because of the social stigma surrounding it and not the actual virus itself. Now that you know you have the virus, you have the power of knowdgle, use it and become informed on how to limit transmission and be confident that you will not spread it to children or other loved ones.

Please know that you are dealing with the most difficult parts of H right now and things will get better for both of you. You have a huge community of support through this forum,  we all know what you are going through. I also encourage you to reach out to friends, family and counselors for additional support. H is not worth loosing your life over. You still have so much to offer the world and I hope you will see that again soon enough. Please send me a private message if you want someone to talk to. I am always here to listen. 

Thank you,


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Don't act on anything during the shock phase. Come on - yes it's a shocker when you find out, but as time passes you get better and return to normal life. The chances of sharing the virus shrink from very low to extremely low. For now, just get to the end of each day, treat your body well and most importantly - chill! Settle your mind any way you can - hot baths, jogging, walk the dog through some woods, hell.. listen to storm or ocean loops on YouTube. It's strongest at the start, and it feeds on stress which you're clearly feeling.. so every day after this one will get better.

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